Articles by Matthew Lazza
Matthew Lazza is director of Policy Network and a former adviser to Ed Miliband

How we got to the post-truth stage

Matthew Laza  |  20 July 2017

Politicians learning the wrong lessons from tight message discipline have created a vacuum in which fake news is able to flourish, writes Matthew Laza I suspect everyone does what I did when first picking up Newsnight anchor Evan Davis’ entertaining and timely new book. As soon as you start to read his initial definition of …

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Letter from … Montreal

Matthew Laza  |  30 September 2016

Montreal in its early fall seems an almost impossibly perfect place to bring progressives from Europe and Australasia together with Canadian and American counterparts. Quebec’s largest city is the very embodiment of different traditions living side by side. For the first-time visitor, ordering a doughnut in (bad British schoolboy) French in the quintessentially north American …

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Recapturing the public’s imagination

Matthew Laza  |  25 May 2016

Let us face facts – it is not just progressives in Britain who have been having a tough time at the ballot box. Right across Europe, and beyond, traditional parties of the centre-left have been losing ground. The hope that the crash of 2008 would see a swing to the left has given way to …

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