Articles by Michael Cashman MEP
Michael Cashman MEP is the Labour MEP for the West Midlands, Co-President of the European Parliament’s LGBT Inter-Group and a member of the National Executive Committee. He is a founder member and a former chair of Stonewall.

Make conference mean something

Gloria De Piero MP and Michael Cashman MEP  |  8 September 2017

Labour conference should be for all our members – and show the public we are in touch with their concerns, say Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero With so much meaningful policy to discuss – on Brexit, the Tory-DUP deal and its impact on all our communities, falling social mobility, and increasing division in our society – it …

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Tory Pride and Prejudice

Michael Cashman MEP  |  10 November 2011

Tory Pride and Prejudice: The Conservative Party and Homosexual Law Reform Michael McManus Biteback Publishing | 552pp | £20 Michael McManus has written a passionate book which is well researched and deeply informative on homosexuality and the Conservative party. He is both harsh on his party and soft on what it could have done. But …

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Defending LGBT rights in Africa

Michael Cashman MEP  |  30 November 2010

Ahead of World AIDS day tomorrow, Michael Cashman writes... as the US evangelical right takes its anti-gay battles to Africa, the need is urgent to uphold human rights there, on the ground and at the UN and, not to fear the 'sovereignty' argument - the same as was used about apartheid.

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Aslyum for LGBT people

Michael Cashman MEP  |  9 July 2010

This week's Supreme Court decision should lead to international recognition of a claim test, but the attitude of the UK press militates against such progress.

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