Articles by Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor is former parliamentary candidate for Hazel Grove and vice-chair of Hazel Grove constituency Labour party

Eccentrics, enterprise and the English

Michael Taylor  |  24 May 2016

In March 2015, Conrad Clitheroe of Woodley, Stockport, was arrested and jailed in Dubai on charges of espionage. He was a plane spotter, spending his holidays with his mates Gary and Neil who shared his hobby of looking for rare aircraft. As Conrad lived in the constituency of Hazel Grove, at the prosperous south east …

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Can Britain be fairer in the next five years?

Michael Taylor  |  3 November 2015

There are two answers to the question we posed at the Progress meeting at Labour North West conference. How you answer it defines how you are going to act politically. The first is a short answer. No. We have got a Tory government, Britain cannot be fairer. If we get a Labour government in 2020 …

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Not winning here

Michael Taylor  |  21 September 2015

As the Liberal Democrats gather in Bournemouth to start their so-called fightback, amidst spurious claims of potential Labour defections by their newly elected leader Tim Farron, the reaction in Greater Manchester has been one of bafflement. To us, the Liberal Democrats have always been the ‘believe in nothing, say anything’ party. All things to all …

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Fluid English identity

Michael Taylor  |  19 August 2015

There is a headlong rush to the sunlit uplands where easy answers lay. One route is being blazed by the Corbynistas. Abler comrades than I can contribute to Progress to slay that particular dragon. Another is for a reawakening of an English identity. There are two sides to this, an organisational move to an English …

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