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Labour’s progressive battle

Mike Ion  |  18 February 2016

The Labour government ‘contributed almost nothing new or imaginative to the pool of ideas with which men seek to illuminate human nature and its environment’. So wrote the New Statesman in a 1954 biographical piece about Clement Attlee and the 1945-1951 Labour government. Amazing as though it may now appear, some contemporary Labour figures of …

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Engines of social mobility

Mike Ion  |  6 March 2013

Labour should seek to establish more academies By Mike Ion —In 2003 I wrote a piece for the Times Educational Supplement making the case for academies and suggesting that, eventually, the Labour left that still dominated the party’s education forums and thinktanks may well learn to love these independent state schools. I can still remember …

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Time for affirmative action

Mike Ion  |  3 September 2012

We should look to Texas to balance equity and access to higher education in the future, writes Mike Ion According to a report published by the Sutton Trust this year students who leave some of our highest-performing state comprehensive schools with the equivalent of at least three A grades at A level are a third …

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Schooling for profit?

Mike Ion  |  26 May 2010

As Michael Gove begins his education reform plans, Mike Ion takes a look across the pond at how for-profit schools operate in the US

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Cameron�s Tories: by the rich for the rich

Mike Ion  |  3 December 2009

Brown is right, the more Cameron says the less he actually says

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Learning to love academies

Mike Ion  |  3 September 2009

Academies are providing life-changing opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged young people

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18 is a progressive number

Mike Ion  |  1 September 2009

Raising the education-leaving age is crucial to the long-term investment in the talents and abilities of our nation

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Dividing lines

Mike Ion  |  10 June 2009

The Tory party has failed to outline a vision for schooling that will help meet the rising aspirations of the British people

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Labour’s Mackeson moment

Mike Ion  |  15 April 2009

Politics has to be about more than the desire to wrongfoot your opponent

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Rewarding class acts

Mike Ion  |  13 January 2009

Attracting high quality teachers to our most challenging schools is essential to boost social mobility

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