Articles by Nic Dakin MP
Nic Dakin MP is member of parliament for Scunthorpe county

Disgruntled Labour

Nic Dakin MP  |  4 October 2017

Loyal party supporters in small towns grow tired with Labour and the inadequacies of its post-Brexit position, warns Nic Dakin Labour is in a much better place than it was a year ago, but we still sit on the opposition green benches while this dreadful Conservative government continues to make the lives of the people we represent ever …

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Britain needs a careers renaissance

Nic Dakin MP  |  16 March 2017

The rapid changes taking place in Britain’s economy make it even more important that schools provide diverse careers advice for their students, writes Nic Dakin MP Having seen me present my ten minute rule bill on careers guidance (access to schools), a retired teacher got in touch with me incredulous that the fabric of careers had collapsed …

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Looking for a New England

Nic Dakin MP  |  26 September 2015

After Labour’s very poor general election result everyone has been asking what went wrong. The last time we won a majority of English seats was 2005. It has been downhill ever since. So we wanted to understand England as it is today, and to sense what shifts Labour needs to make to inspire the English …

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It takes guts to stand

Nic Dakin MP  |  3 August 2015

The first thing to say about Labour’s leadership election is that it takes a lot of guts to stand. You put yourself on the frontline and open yourself up to intense public scrutiny of everything you have done and everything you believe; and you are expected to present yourself well, provide vision and inspiration. And …

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To lead is a lonely business

Nic Dakin MP  |  20 May 2015

As someone who has led two very different organisations – a college and a council – I have some experience of leadership. I know that watching somebody else lead is quite different to leading yourself. It is much easier to know what someone else should do and be a commentator or adviser. To lead is …

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Maintaining the richness in language opportunity

Nic Dakin MP  |  31 March 2015

I think everybody agrees that language learning is a good thing. But like many ‘good things’ it needs government backing to happen. Whilst ramping up the positive rhetoric on learning languages the Conservative government has wreaked havoc in the real world. First of all it savagely cut post-16 funding making it increasingly difficult for post-16 …

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Town hall, not Whitehall, education

Nic Dakin MP  |  9 July 2012

Stephen Twigg, as shadow education secretary, has asked for responses to his consultation on the future of the ‘middle tier’. This is an important piece of consultation about where Labour might be going in terms of education policy. I hope as many people as possible respond. Hereafter follows my comments to Stephen. I have spent …

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Time for the centre to let go

Nic Dakin MP  |  20 March 2012

‘Sometimes the centre has to let go – set standards but free up the frontline and devolve power to speed up new ways of doing business, delivering for citizens better than before.’ This was the sentence that captured my attention in Liam Byrne’s excellent analysis of the electoral challenge facing the Labour party The new …

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How to choose a leader?

Nic Dakin MP  |  18 June 2010

With David Miliband's reminder of the Callaghan, Shore, Benn, Healey and Crosland line-up, and speaking to both Eds on the phone, it fell to this new MP to make a decision on how to cast the nomination vote

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