Articles by Olivia Bailey
Olivia Bailey is chair of Labour Women's Network and research director at the Fabian Society. Formerly she was chair of Labour Students and women's officer at the National Union of Students.

The next mountain

Andrew Harrop and Olivia Bailey  |  13 July 2017

Labour needs to hold new seats and win disparate categories of voters to make further gains, write Andrew Harrop and Olivia Bailey Politics is about expectations and momentum. So, after this extraordinary election, it is hardly surprising that Labour is behaving like it won even though it lost, and the Tories are behaving like they …

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Staying power

Olivia Bailey  |  26 September 2015

Lessons for today from Fightback! Fightback! Labour’s Traditional Right in the 1970s and 1980s, by Dianne Hayter, tells the story of the ‘stayers’. Of those who remained in the party after the Social Democratic party split of 1981, and with courage and determination won back the levers of power within the Labour party. It explains, with …

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Political Barbie

Olivia Bailey  |  29 July 2015

On the surface, we have made huge strides for women’s equality in the party. Women made up over half our candidates in target seats at the election this year, and make up two of the four candidates for leader. Every single candidate for leader or deputy has signed the Labour Women’s Network #leadforwomen pledge, which …

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Show a bit of humility, eh?

Olivia Bailey  |  19 October 2011

An angry David Cameron looks a little like a small (yet sinister) dragon who has never developed the ability to breathe fire, but tries all the same – in front of all his friends. And then just gets angrier and angrier because everyone laughs at him. And we saw plenty of angry Dave today. It …

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Labour must be a feminist party

Olivia Bailey  |  15 June 2011

Today's launch of the Lead for Women submission to the Refounding Labour review comes at a crucial time in the fight for women's equality both in our party and in our country. As the Tory-led government singles out women to bear the brunt of their cuts, it is more important now than ever before that Labour speaks up for women.

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Conviction rates

Olivia Bailey  |  21 April 2009

Let’s change the culture around rape conviction rates, not just set targets

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