Articles by Parmjit Dhanda
Parmjit Dhanda is former MP for Gloucester, a former minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government and a former education minister

Towards a greener world of aviation

Parmjit Dhanda  |  11 August 2017

Heathrow expansion offers much more than a new runway. It is part of a new era of airport design and function, argues Back Heathrow executive director Parmjit Dhanda The proposed new runway project is the biggest privately funded infrastructure project in Europe. So, unsurprisingly, there are numerous hoops it must jump through before the first plane …

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Chilcot: a sadness reprised

Parmjit Dhanda  |  7 July 2016

So now the dust begins to settle, at least insofar as it ever will when we talk about the events of 2003 in Iraq. I think back to that period in my life with a real sense of sadness, a feeling that has been reprised with the arrival of the Chilcot report. It was seven …

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Face to face, side by side

Parmjit Dhanda  |  14 June 2016

How to ingrain change on antisemitism To say it has been a problematic period for the Labour party on the issue of antisemitism would be something of an understatement. I think we must learn from our past experience of building relationships with the Jewish community if we are to repair the Labour party’s relationship with it. In 2008 I …

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A reminder of why we need trade unions

Parmjit Dhanda  |  28 April 2016

You might not be aware of it but today is international Workers’ Memorial Day. It was established in the United States in 1970 to remember the hundreds of thousands of working people killed and injured while doing their work every year. The date, 28 April, was chosen to mark the Occupational Health and Safety Act which came into force …

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Learn from Labour’s intervention – it worked

Parmjit Dhanda  |  31 March 2016

Over 40,000 jobs are at risk if Tata walks away from the colossal steel works of Port Talbot in south Wales. The government has been left looking flat-footed and indecisive, with ministers unsure about whether to return from overseas trips and then sending out mixed messages about whether state intervention is merited or not. It …

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2020 vision

Parmjit Dhanda  |  9 March 2015

Labour needs to plan now for the Britain of 2020, writes Parmjit Dhanda Five years ago, when we lost the general election, including my bellwether seat of Gloucester, our kids were very young. Zac was four, Max had just turned one. Our infants’ experience of five years ago was not one of being born in to …

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Help to care

Parmjit Dhanda  |  13 February 2012

Labour should back tax relief for ‘granny annexes’, suggests Parmjit Dhanda The lack of political consensus on how the UK faces up to, let alone tackles, our national care crisis is something we should all be worried about. Labour made some proposals far too close to the end of the last parliament – which the …

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Speaker election

Parmjit Dhanda  |  24 June 2009

The Speaker must place power firmly back in the hands of the people

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Sikh Friends of Labour

Parmjit Dhanda  |  30 April 2009

Parmjit Dhanda MP writes exclusively for Progress Online on the launch of Sikh Friends of Labour

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Revitalising our town halls

Parmjit Dhanda  |  20 November 2008

Local Empowerment is the best route for public service reform

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