Articles by Paul Corrigan
Paul Corrigan was a health adviser to the Labour government

Passing the buck on the NHS

Paul Corrigan  |  25 May 2017

The Conservative manifesto is full of promises on health that only government can deliver – and they have their excuses at the ready if they fail to, argues Paul Corrigan Famously, the prime minister likes to tightly control things. Less famously, when she was home secretary, and together with the rest of the cabinet, she voted …

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Can Labour gain trust to make NHS sustainable?

Paul Corrigan  |  27 January 2015

With 100 days to go before election day, the Labour party’s decision to place the NHS centre stage in its campaign means that both its critique of the current government and its policies for the future will get 100 days of close scrutiny. The Labour party are correct to spend as much time as they …

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Getting serious about rescuing the NHS

Paul Corrigan  |  23 October 2014

For a Labour leadership that wants the NHS to be the most important electoral issue, the publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View plan today is a potentially really important moment. This document contains the hopes and aspirations of the leadership of all the major NHS institutions in England. It is a sharp challenge …

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Labour must understand how it won before

Paul Corrigan  |  10 October 2014

In the second general election of 1974 Harold Wilson won an overall majority of three. This was the last time a Labour leader who was not called Tony Blair won a majority in the House of Commons. Forty years … it is a long time. But it’s true that in the eight general elections that …

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Loving the NHS more than the Tories do will not be enough

Paul Corrigan  |  3 October 2014

The second most important point about democratic elections (the first is, of course, winning them) is that they provide the winners with a democratic mandate which provide them with a set of tools with which they can govern. A serious manifesto, therefore, does not only win the election, it must also provide the cabinet members …

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Going with change for the NHS

Paul Corrigan  |  20 June 2014

All three political parties agree that NHS and social care services have to change radically. And they are right to do so. Those of you with elderly relatives will recognise the picture of care fragmented between GPs, practice nurses, various specialist doctors in the hospital, district nurses’ domiciliary care and so on through the many …

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‘Think like a patient, act like a taxpayer’

Paul Corrigan  |  5 June 2014

Simon Stevens the new CEO of the most important NHS organisation in the country, NHS England, started his speech on Wednesday with this sharp stress on how they need to think and behave to the leaders of the NHS at their annual conference in Liverpool. To thrive the NHS needs to be able to achieve …

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GP plans mean reform as well as investment

Paul Corrigan  |  13 May 2014

The way you win elections is to understand the deep worries that the electorate have for themselves and their families. Having understood their concerns you then develop policies that will help them. It sounds simple; getting both of these things right is hard. That is why Ed Miliband returning to the public concern about NHS …

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Time to stop avoiding tough choices on the NHS

Paul Corrigan  |  31 March 2014

The politics of reform of the NHS have never been easy. It was not easy for the Blair government that I was a small part of and it has not been for the coalition government. But running away from that controversy has now placed the medium-term politics of the NHS in a very odd place. …

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The hospital is dead

Paul Corrigan  |  2 November 2011

We must resist the drift to conservatism and support the case for radical changes in NHS hospitals As a political stream that sees itself as radical, one problem for the left is that in some areas of political change its first instinct is to conserve the status quo. For example, the left’s initial politics when …

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