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Peter Kellner is president of YouGov

Productivity is fine. Let’s count and tax it better

Peter Kellner  |  4 December 2017

Non-financial productivity gains need measuring through ‘gross domestic utility’, not gross domestic product, otherwise public services and social justice will suffer, argues Peter Kellner Something weird is going on. We need to do some delving to get to the bottom of it, but its impact on our living standards, government finances, public services – indeed the future of …

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What happened?

Peter Kellner  |  5 December 2016

The voters pollsters missed – traditionally Labour and Democrat – are now supporters of populist parties, leaders and causes, finds Peter Kellner   In the early evening of 8 November, just as the first American states were closing their polling stations, a Fox News executive rang Donald Trump’s headquarters. Provisional figures from the exit polls indicated that …

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Rock bottom?

Peter Kellner  |  4 June 2015

The Labour party needs to ask itself why it would be invented if it did not exist, writes Peter Kellner Perhaps the real surprise about this year’s election is not that Labour lost, but that it retained the support of one in three voters in England and Wales In the end, the fundamentals asserted themselves. No party for eight …

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Incumbency matters

Peter Kellner  |  27 November 2014

The ‘sophomore surge’ could stymie Labour’s path back to power, warns Peter Kellner At the time few people noticed something odd about Labour’s second landslide in 2001. Nationally, there was a two per cent swing from Labour to the Conservatives. The Tories should have gained 17 seats that Labour had won in 1997. In fact …

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Taxing questions

Peter Kellner  |  17 September 2014

Peter Kellner presents polling for Progress on the politics of tax and spending Imagine you are crafting a manifesto for next year’s general election. What should you say about higher-rate tax? The answer is easy if you are rich, selfish and do not mind losing – or if you want to soak the rich and …

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Reality check

Peter Kellner  |  3 June 2014

The local and European elections do not suggest Labour is on course to win the general election, argues Peter Kellner There is a case for Labour optimism. It goes like this: Labour could lag the Tories by three points in the popular vote and still be the largest party. No governing party has ever added …

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Who do they think they are?

Peter Kellner  |  23 April 2014

Tolerant and fair-minded or obsessed by class and suspicious of foreigners? Peter Kellner unveils research for Progress on how the English view themselves If George Orwell and John Major are to be believed, the defining characteristic of Englishness is nostalgia. Orwell wrote of ‘old maids bicycling to holy communion through the morning mist’. Major quoted this …

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Stuck in the middle

Peter Kellner  |  1 November 2013

‘Squeezed middle’ voters could decide the next election. In this exclusive poll, Peter Kellner explores what they want to see from Labour Ed Miliband has won the battle; his challenge now is to win the war. His attack on Britain’s energy companies struck a nerve: they are now hated even more than the banks. His …

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Why I’m against a referendum

Peter Kellner  |  3 July 2013

Peter Kellner imagines the case Ed Miliband could put —30 March 2015, London. This morning, Labour held its ‘Clause V’ meeting to decide the content of the party’s general election manifesto. This is an extract of what Ed Miliband said. ‘The draft before you rejects the notion of holding a referendum on Britain’s membership of …

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Majority Rules

Peter Kellner  |  16 May 2013

In a major new publication, Peter Kellner assesses Labour’s prospects of winning an outright majority in 2015. With two years to go until the general election, he argues Labour must defy history, overcome some awkward numbers, and overcome persistent weaknesses in the reputation of the party. And he outlines new polling for Progress about Labour’s …

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