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Peter Mandelson is a member of the House of Lords and the former UK first secretary of state, business secretary and EU trade commissioner

Where did it all go right?

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore  |  6 April 2017

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore exchange reflections on 20 years of running Labour’s election campaigns Dear Spencer, The Labour party still (just about) retains a lot of institutional memory about how we have fought elections since 1997. We had a good run until 2010 and it is worth recalling why this was so. 1997 was …

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Labour is a national party or it is nothing

Peter Mandelson  |  3 April 2017

Full text of the opening speech of the second day of Progress political weekend 2017, given by Peter Mandelson: Our situation is bad, not for the first time and not yet terminal. Labour’s whole history is one of set backs and resets, the first couple of which didn’t wait long after our first taste of …

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Strike a deal

Peter Mandelson  |  14 December 2016

There are still trade options open for Britain This year’s referendum was the most divisive, polarising event in Britain’s postwar history – which is why you would have thought the government would wish to respect the result delivered by one half of the country but secure the trade that the other half believes is so important. …

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An existential moment for the UK as a manufacturer

Peter Mandelson  |  1 April 2016

This is arguably an existential moment for the United Kingdom as a manufacturer. The closure of Port Talbot’s blast furnace would mean we no longer make steel as opposed to processing and recycling steel. If we allow this to happen we will lose the modern, high productivity infrastructure and skills we have there and offer steel imports a big …

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Laying the Foundations for a Labour Century

Peter Mandelson  |  9 December 2014

Remarks by Peter Mandelson at the launch of Laying the Foundations for a Labour Century, Monday 8 December, Policy Network This is not a good or easy time to be in mainstream politics, whatever the party. The public questions our qualifications – ‘the politicians screwed it up’ – and our motivation – ‘they are in …

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Saving Labour

Peter Mandelson  |  22 September 2013

Peter Mandelson recalls Neil Kinnock’s fight to rescue the Labour party following his election as party leader 30 years ago For the current generation of Labour activists and MPs – those, in the main, whose political experience and outlook were shaped by the party’s 1997 landslide – there is little awareness of what we had …

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No more Falkirks

Peter Mandelson  |  27 June 2013

Labour’s National Executive Committee decision to move to restore confidence in the integrity of the selection of the party’s parliamentary candidate in Falkirk is welcome. What had been going on in the seat prior to Ed Miliband stepping in and halting the process was a throwback to the kind of politics many of us had …

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A patriotic voice for Britain’s influence in Europe

Peter Mandelson  |  21 March 2013

REMARKS BY LORD MANDELSON TO THE CBI DINNER THURSDAY MARCH 21 2013 AT THE PARK LANE HOTEL, LONDON I am very happy these days to be spending rather more time in business than in politics. I cannot say that I enjoy every moment of being out of government. And I would like to help finish …

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Modernise at all levels

Peter Mandelson  |  20 June 2011

Read now: Peter Mandelson's opening remarks at tonight's In conversation with Peter Mandelson event, on the 'squeezed middle', Labour party funding, and Ed's leadership.

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Seizing this progressive moment

Peter Mandelson  |  7 April 2010

In a combative and witty address to Progress members this morning Peter Mandelson took on the Tories' progressive claims and robustly outlined how government's role in the economy

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