Articles by Philip Ross
Philip Ross is a member of LFIG and the founder of the Labour Small Business Forum which wants to build a network of Labour members in small business and identify those in every constituency. To get involved contact Philip at #philiprosslgc

The forgotten middle

Philip Ross  |  28 July 2015

They have been called the ‘forgotten middle’. They are the self-employed and in particular those on lower incomes, often called ‘precariat’ workers. They need to come together to gain recognition of their both status and their contribution. If they can gain recognition, even informally within their own ranks, then they organise. If they can organise …

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Wanted: a budget for freelancers and SMEs

Philip Ross  |  18 March 2015

Small firms and the self-employed will be watching with interest to see how much fibre is in today’s budget or whether it will be lots of froth and topping. In short, they will be watching to see if it will deliver some real measurable change and improvement or just more aspirational rhetoric. On the political …

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Small businesses are sponsors of our communities

Philip Ross  |  6 December 2014

We have had Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even giving Tuesday and now this weekend we have Small Business Saturday. Unlike Cyber Monday and Black Friday it is not just about shopping but is about the value that small business plays in our community and getting people to recognise and celebrate their local small businesses. …

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A fair shot for the forgotten middle

Philip Ross  |  25 November 2014

On placing a commitment to the self-employed and freelance workers at the heart of his election pledges Ed Miliband said that the self-employed are often the ‘most entrepreneurial, go-getting people in Britain’. He backed this up by making a conference pledge to provide ‘equal rights’ to the self-employed. He noted, ‘two out of three don’t …

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Labour must be the party of the self-employed

Philip Ross  |  12 August 2014

Almost every week I seem to come across a story in the press about some super executives and their mega-salaries, which are meekly justified by their board members who insist that they are worth. The myth is that some sort of battalion of superstar executives is driving the recovery. The reality I feel is somewhat …

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It’s time for a social contract for garden cities

Philip Ross  |  4 August 2014

Garden cities are making for a fascinating debate. The country needs more homes and there is a good cross-party consensus on the need to build garden cities. There also seems to be growing sense of consensus that they should be locally led or community based. This weekend Nick Clegg told the BBC’s Countryfile that the …

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The case for new garden cities in England

Philip Ross  |  14 November 2013

The announcement today of plans to hold a competition to build a new garden city in England is to be welcomed. There is general political consensus around the need to build new towns and settlements to address the housing and population growth. David Cameron has expressed support for the principle of garden cities, as has …

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The party of small business

Philip Ross  |  30 September 2013

When last week Ed Miliband declared in his conference speech – ‘One Nation Labour – the party of small business’ it was less of an aspiration and more of an observation. Much credit is due to Labour’s  excellent business team for making this a reality – including not just Chuka Umunna (who was raised in …

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One Nation, new, blue, radical or conservative?

Philip Ross  |  26 April 2013

I attended the One Nation, new, blue, radical or conservative? debate at the House of Commons on Tuesday evening with an open mind. Mary Riddell, chair of the event and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, explained that the event had been jointly sponsored by Progress and Compass. Indeed, up on the stage was a Progress …

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Is Labour becoming the party of small business?

Philip Ross  |  18 March 2013

Is Labour becoming the party of and for small business? It certainly seemed like it last Monday when I joined with a few hundred others who were members of the Labour Entrepreneurial and Small Business network at Brixton market to celebrate the release of the report from Labour’s independent task force on small business. What …

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