Articles by Rachel Reeves
Rachel Reeves is member of parliament for Leeds West and former shadow secretary of state for work and pensions

Cracking down on overdraft fees

Rachel Reeves MP  |  15 February 2017

A cap on overdraft fees would stop the big banks using its most vulnerable customers as cash cows, writes treasury select committee member Rachel Reeves MP The big banks have been using some of their most vulnerable customers as a kind of cashpoint-in-reverse for far too long. At present, the major banks rake in over £1bn a …

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Terror of the Trotskyites

Rachel Reeves MP  |  1 December 2016

Exclusive extracts from Rachel Reeves’ book on the first woman MP for Leeds reveal Alice Bacon as a fiercely loyal reformist Alice [Bacon], a young woman, a miner’s daughter and teacher, was elected as a member of parliament at the age of 35. The first female MP in Leeds, the first (with Muriel Nichol), in fact, …

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No more ‘business as usual’

Rachel Reeves MP  |  12 October 2016

This summer, the Competition and Markets Authority published their report into competition in retail banking. The report was a missed opportunity. One of the major issues, and one of huge concern to me, is the extortionate fees charged by banks on unauthorised overdrafts. In my opinion, the proposals in the CMA report failed to go …

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Defeat for George Osborne

Rachel Reeves MP  |  2 July 2016

George Osborne is trying to clear the decks for the new Tory leader by getting the government’s mistakes out of the way now. Yesterday he signalled that his great mission of delivering an overall budget surplus by 2020 was to be consigned to history less than a year after he had first promised it. He failed to …

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Taxing questions for the chancellor

Rachel Reeves MP  |  15 April 2016

The leaked Panama Papers shone a light on the murky world of tax havens and will have far-reaching implications across the world. People are rightly angered that a super-rich elite strive to avoid or evade paying their taxes. David Cameron’s use of an offshore trust was eventually dragged out of him when he published his …

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Osborne’s fantasy budget

Rachel Reeves MP  |  4 March 2016

Britain’s potential must be Labour’s cause  —Britain is well placed to prosper in the 21st century. Along with blue chip global brands, we can boast a mid-sized business sector to rival Germany’s Mittelstand and a growing army of self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as world-class public institutions that are key to our economic strength such as our …

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Business at heart

Rachel Reeves MP  |  2 February 2016

We have a huge job of work to do Great Britain is a country of enormous potential. ‘GB’ is a symbol of quality and distinction, whether in food, drink, creative industries, textiles or cars. The development of India, China and other emerging economies promises exciting opportunities for British businesses and those who work in them. But …

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What is the point of a Northern Powerhouse if it is under water?

Rachel Reeves MP  |  6 January 2016

This week, I returned to parliament from my constituency of Leeds West where for many people the Christmas period has been dominated by floods which have ruined their homes and businesses. On Boxing Day night, the River Aire which runs through the Yorkshire Dales to Leeds and then on to East Yorkshire, showed its tremendous …

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Make work pay

Rachel Reeves MP  |  27 March 2015

Labour will restore the dignity of earning a day’s wage As a constituency member of parliament in Leeds, I see the impact of low pay on the families and communities I serve – the huge stress and the strain on people who put in the hours at work, but still struggle to make ends meet. …

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Labour’s economic cause

Rachel Reeves MP  |  28 June 2012

When Ed Miliband first started talking about the ‘squeezed middle’, many in the political and media establishment professed confusion. But it didn’t take long before the phrase began to appear in newspaper headlines, with the Oxford English Dictionary pronouncing Ed’s coinage their new ‘word of the year’ in 2011. Why has this phrase gained such …

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