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Richard Angell is director of Progress and a member of the Labour party's National Policy Forum representing the trade union, Community Union. He tweets @RichardAngell

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The final sweep

Richard Angell  |  3 April 2015

Switchers from the Conservative party hold the key to victory next month In the final weeks before the general election, as the rapid pursuit for promises becomes more fraught, the election campaign metaphorically turns into the final dash in 1990s television programme Supermarket Sweep. In the Big Sweep round contestants would find themselves torn between collecting Dale …

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5 years of Progress

Five years of Progress

Richard Angell  |  30 March 2015

Looking back over a parliament of working for a Labour majority as Labour’s new mainstream 2010 ORGANISING TO WIN The first Progress pamphlet of the parliament examined seats that performed against the odds in the last general election. Organising to Win looked at what lay behind Labour holds in Bassetlaw, Birmingham Edgbaston, Dagenham and Rainham, …

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Blair Inc: littered with inaccuracies

Richard Angell  |  26 March 2015

‘Progress is easily the most effective of the organisations seeking to influence Labour’, write Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan in Blair Inc. While I think my colleagues and I do a excellent job – promoting debate, published an excellent magazine and hosting first-class events and campaigning for Labour – the starting claim rings a little …

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‘It’s restored my faith in politics’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  16 March 2015

Gordon Aikman wants nothing to be left unsaid Gordon Aikman has been busy of late. The former Labour party staffer-turned-director of research for the unionist referendum campaign Better Together has met Hillary Clinton, been in and out of No 10, received wide coverage in national newspapers and, most recently, his partner, Joe, proposed after a …

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Ed Miliband_iv

‘The country will be run according to a different idea’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  6 March 2015

There will be no pie-in-the-sky promises under the next Labour government, Ed Miliband tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Entering the leader of the opposition’s now-bare office, his team are quick to point out how the operation has decamped to Brewers Green, the campaign nerve centre. In what is one of Ed Miliband’s last meetings in …

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‘D’ is for disillusioned

Richard Angell  |  23 February 2015

Arriving in Kingswood on the outskirts of Bristol to be met by Labour’s candidate Jo McCarron, a clutch of local activists, croissants and hot coffee, was the sounding gun of a week-long tour. Our trusty battlebus, sadly not pink, toured 21 of Labour’s 106 target seats. Another team visited the south Wales marginals on Tuesday …

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R Angell 3 seats

Tales from the campaign trail: no no-go areas for Labour

Richard Angell  |  15 February 2015

The first two days of the Labour three seats challenge have centred around the M5. Ben Bradshaw represents Exeter, the start of the duel carriageway. Labour holds two of the Bristol members of parliament, but otherwise you have to get all the way to Birmingham to find your next Labour parliamentarian. Since 2010 there are …

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Strong words, softly spoken

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  12 February 2015

Grown-up trade unionism delivers for workers, argues John Hannett As leader of one of the few trade unions increasing its membership, John Hannett is a man worth listening to. Usdaw has added 110,000 members to its ranks over the last decade, bucking the trend for union membership. This is all the more impressive for a …

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Family pic

Time to take the mantle as the party of the family

Richard Angell  |  10 February 2015

One of my earliest political memories is of John Major standing on his soapbox in the 1997 general election talking about ‘family values’. It pricked my interest: I was 13 and not only had my parents been divorced for some time, I was also coming to terms with being gay. I am not sure I …

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Tessa three seats challenge

‘This is how you do it’

Richard Angell  |  19 January 2015

Lab3seats founder Richard Angell talks exclusively to Tessa Jowell MP at the end of her first #TessaTriple As 2013 was coming to an end a group of friends and I were sitting discussing life and one mutual friend’s recent achievement. They had just completed the three peaks challenge, a slightly barmy activity where people climb the …

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