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Richard Angell is director of Progress and a member of the Labour party's National Policy Forum representing the trade union, Community Union. He tweets @RichardAngell

George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

Osborne’s to lose?

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  1 September 2015

Fixed-term parliaments still create a lot of unknowns in British politics. The royal prerogative, exercised by the sitting prime minister to abolish the legislature and go to the country, was always a double-edged sword for the occupant of No 10. The longer the parliament, the worse the result. Labour governments – not that there have …

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David Cameron

Parties at war

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 August 2015

‘Now it’s open war’, screamed the Daily Mail headline on 18 June 2015. Not, this time, a comment on the Labour leadership race that was then getting into full swing, but the contest to come on the Treasury benches. The future race to be leader of the Conservative party, a vacancy David Cameron himself pre-announced …

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House of Commons bench

The missing 30

Richard Angell  |  26 August 2015

Labour was founded, not to bring about socialism – that came later with the 1918 Fabian-authored Clause IV, but to put working-class people into parliament. Initially groups like the National Union of Miners stayed with the Liberal party, hoping for scraps off the table. Soon it was clear that only Labour was committed to this …

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Jeremy Corbyn

Never forget it’s the public that are in charge

Richard Angell  |  21 August 2015

John Woodcock yesterday rightly identified the ‘politburo politics’ that threatens to soon be at the top of the Labour. Jeremy Corbyn, as the chair of Progress highlights, has thrown the gauntlet down to his parliamentary colleagues. In the would-be leader’s comment lies a real insight into what is to come. Calls for unity, from a …

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Liz Kendall

‘I will give my life to this party’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

‘Mine is the real anti-austerity politics, because it will help Labour win and stop the vile things the Tories are doing’, Liz Kendall tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Straight from a terrible defeat – one arguably worse than the nadir of 1983 – Labour plunged into a leadership contest that has been gripped by Corbynmania …

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Caroline Flint

‘I’m not going to take any lectures’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

This lioness will go out hunting for Labour’s next victory, says Caroline Flint The personal is clearly political for Caroline Flint, Labour’s shadow energy and climate change secretary who is seeking to succeed Harriet Harman as deputy leader of the party. Her opening campaign message to party members was, ‘You may think you know me’, and it continued: …

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Stella Creasy

‘Don’t mourn, organise’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

Labour has to start with the fundamental question of purpose, argues Stella Creasy Interviewing Stella Creasy on the street while she is on the move in her Walthamstow constituency feels somehow apt for a member of parliament who entered the House of Commons in 2010 and has since then hurtled into an array of national debates. The fight against …

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Ben Bradshaw

‘We need a candidate who’s not from a safe seat’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  17 August 2015

The success of ‘Fortress Exeter’ should show the way for Labour, says Ben Bradshaw As we visit deputy leadership candidate Ben Bradshaw in his Westminster office, ‘Corbynmania’ is at its zenith. The politics of the mob has found new voice in the Labour leadership race, most stridently in its hunts for ‘Tories’ lurking in the Labour party. …

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Jeremy Corbyn

Corbynomics and the magic money trees

Richard Angell  |  13 August 2015

The spending side of Corbynomics – set out in his manifesto The Economy in 2020 – with its promises of renationalisation of the railways, the energy companies and even the banking and financial services sectors, has received deserved scrutiny. Less so the question where the money to fund it has come from. Such attention as …

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Liz Kendall

‘We can’t have any fudge in our politics’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 June 2015

It is time for Labour’s first woman prime minister, argues Liz Kendall Wearing a Hillary Clinton signature pantsuit, Liz Kendall strides into the room. We meet her ahead of a whistle stop she is taking to the marginal seats Labour was expecting to win last month and needs to win if it is to replace …

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