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Richard Angell is director of Progress and a member of the Labour party's National Policy Forum representing the trade union, Community Union. He tweets @RichardAngell


‘It’s moved from comedy to tragedy’

Richard Angell  |  30 August 2016

The Labour party still has a long road to walk on women’s equality, Ayesha Hazarika tells Richard Angell Having rushed across town, comic-turned-political-adviser (turned comic again) Ayesha Hazarika arrives at King’s Cross station to find her train to Edinburgh, where her first major show since leaving politics is on at the comedy fringe, has been …

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Rehashed, reheated and wrong

Richard Angell  |  15 August 2016

Three ways Jeremy Corbyn’s National Education Service fails on its own terms and lets the Tories off the hook Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn launched his National Education Service policy. Three things spring to mind. First, this is not even a rehash of the policy of the same name launched last July with LabourList – it is the same …

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Saving Labour street stall Leeds

The week the mods got organised

Richard Angell  |  22 July 2016

They said it couldn’t be done, that moderate Labour supporters could never be persuaded to pay £25 for a vote in the leadership election. But this week, from a standing start, Saving Labour – and all those who fell in behind – galvanised the moderate wing of the Labour party and recruited a historic number …

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Three hundreds and thousands

Richard Angell  |  15 July 2016

300 the film is a bloody portrayal of valiant warriors battling invading hordes, outsiders wishing only ill on the heartland, which in turn unites, inspired, against its common, outlandish enemy. 300 the number is a clear reminder of the difference a few votes can make here and there in the election to Labour’s National Executive Committee, which …

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Labour leadership race: FAQs

Richard Angell  |  14 July 2016

This week Labour’s National Executive Committee made a series of decisions about how the forthcoming election for the leadership of the Labour party will be conducted. Please find below information about what it decided. Who is eligible to vote in the Labour party leadership election? Anybody who has been a full or affiliated member of the Labour …

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Will Straw

‘It became a referendum on immigration’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  12 July 2016

The prime minister should have had a ‘Dover speech’ moment, reflects Will Straw to Richard Angell and Adam Harrison With the consequences of Britain’s shock Brexit vote still unfolding, any reluctance from the bruised leadership of the Britain Stronger In campaign to confront the causes of last month’s devastating defeat would be understandable. But as we meet …

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Gisela Stuart MP

‘In the long run it’s the best decision’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  12 July 2016

The current hysteria will pass, Gisela Stuart assures Richard Angell and Adam Harrison One of only a handful of figures on the left to back a Brexit vote in last month’s referendum, Gisela Stuart can hardly be accused of being the type to mince her words. But, unlike many of her campaign counterparts, she seems reluctant …

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Marvin Rees

‘It’s enjoyable because it’s meaningful’

Richard Angell  |  8 July 2016

Being mayor is about bringing people together, Marvin Rees tells Richard Angell On an otherwise disappointing local election results night – net losses under a new leader being a first in British politics – there were a few bright spots for Labour this May. The party retained the mayor of Salford with a new and …

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Grading the Chakrabarti report

Richard Angell  |  1 July 2016

The launch of yesterday’s report of the Shami Chakrabarti inquiry was a missed opportunity for Labour. This had little to do with the author of the report – which I will come to in a minute – but the behaviour of the leader. To use such an event as an advertorial for his leaders ‘eyes …

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Shami Chakrabarti

Eight tests for the Chakrabarti report

Richard Angell  |  29 June 2016

Tomorrow Shami Chakrabarti’s review into antisemitism and how it should be tackled is to be presented. I am told everyone is seeing the report tomorrow for the first time – obviously we the party members, and the Jewish community, but the leader’s office, the general secretary and the National Executive Committee too. It should be …

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