Articles by Richard Angell
Richard Angell is deputy director of Progress. He is elected to the Labour party's National Policy Forum representing the trade union, Community Union and is a member of the LGBT Labour executive commmittee

Rochester and Strood Labour

Politics is a team sport

Richard Angell  |  10 October 2014

This Saturday the three seat challenge team has ditched its plans and is heading down to Medway to help Naushabah Khan fight Mark Reckless, who ditched the Tories for the United Kingdom Independence party. We have always kept Lab3seats – think the three peaks, but a Labour doorstep version for three candidates – to the …

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English flag

Nice to feel wanted

Richard Angell  |  19 September 2014

English marginals need real attention —During the course of a campaign that ran at full speed for longer than can reasonably be expected, Better Together mobilised members of both the frontbench and the backbenches of Labour’s Westminster and Holyrood teams in the effort to save the union. Both the official ‘No’ campaign and the Labour …

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Jermain Jackman

Finding one’s voice

Richard Angell and Ben Dilks  |  16 September 2014

The winner of The Voice on politics and pop ‘I’m still the same Jermain Jackman that you’ll see in McDonalds on a Friday afternoon getting my Big Mac meal,’ begins the winner of The Voice, before pausing to concede, ‘but it’s changed the life around me.’ The 18-year-old believes that winning the BBC’s singing competition …

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Labour poster

Missed opportunity

Richard Angell  |  14 July 2014

What the National Policy Forum might have been —This month Labour’s National Policy Forum will meet in Milton Keynes to hammer out the final stages of the party’s policy process, and, in theory, decide the policies that will go into the manifesto.
We could not be meeting in a more symbolic location – win here, and …

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Peter Mandelson

Present at the creation

Robert Philpot and Richard Angell  |  7 July 2014

Twenty years after Tony Blair’s election as party leader, Peter Mandelson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell why winning the centre-ground is more important than ever Peter Mandelson’s autobiography bills him as the ‘third man’ of New Labour, an indispensable part of the modernising triumvirate which, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, built the foundations of …

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St James' Theatre

This May Hurt a Bit

Richard Angell  |  20 May 2014

With a star-studded cast, This May Hurt a Bit at London’s St James’ Theatre is the perfect mix between a party political broadcast from Michael Foot’s Labour party and a Guardian reader’s dinner party. While the actors were second to none, their script was simplistic and lacked the depth that the debate on our NHS …

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Jon Cruddas

‘We need a bold, imaginative offer’

Robert Philpot and Richard Angell  |  1 April 2014

A confident Jon Cruddas tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell it is ‘game time’ for Labour’s policy review Two years ago, in his first interview after Ed Miliband picked him to head Labour’s  policy review, Jon Cruddas described his appointment as ‘a gamble’. He would, he suggested, quit if he was not allowed to be …

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Time for NEC reform to strengthen members’ and councillors’ voices

Richard Angell  |  4 March 2014

The events of last weekend were historic and unifying. The changes will be meaningful and, let us hope, lasting. Giving 2.7 million trade unionists the chance to step closer to the party their forebears helped create is no small thing. And asking the nine million people who stayed loyal in 2010 when the party got …

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EU flag

Avoiding a winners-take-all union

Richard Angell  |  19 December 2013

This week we have seen the perfect storm for Tory backbenchers, aided and abetted by the rightwing press, as immigration and Europe have dominated the news, prompting more knee-jerk rhetoric from David Cameron. The prime minister and home secretary Theresa May have both flirted with caps that are no doubt illegal or other restrictions on the freedom …

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‘The 35 per cent strategy is a myth’

Robert Philpot and Richard Angell  |  27 November 2013

Labour is targeting Tory voters and should not be thinking about a coalition after 2015, Michael Dugher tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell A leading member of Ed Miliband’s general election team has ridiculed suggestions that Labour is pursuing a ‘35 per cent strategy’ aimed solely at attracting the support of disenchanted Liberal Democrats, and …

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