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Rohullah Yakobi is a member of Progress

If it wasn’t for the Open University …

Rohullah Yakobi  |  31 May 2016

It was mid-October 2001. Just a few days had passed since the beginning of the US-led attack (Operation Enduring Freedom) on the Taliban in Afghanistan. After a long day of hard labour on construction site, my cousin, Jawad, called me over. Holding his little handheld radio, he tuned into the BBC Persian Radio (part of …

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Our party is nothing without its members and activists

Rohullah Yakobi  |  26 February 2016

Each year Progress organises a political weekend full of workshops, seminars and plenaries with Labour’s front bench and leading progressive thinkers. Held at the NUT’s Stoke Rochford Hall, the event has become a regular feature in the Labour political calendar. This year’s political weekend is coming up on 12 and 13 March. To apply for a bursary …

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Labour’s leadership election: An emotional journey

Rohullah Yakobi  |  9 July 2015

Having fled my country of birth – Afghanistan – at a young age and lived in different countries as a refugee, I have gained valuable experiences and life knowledge which could never be attained through academic education. I appreciate many things that so many in this country take for granted. I have gained, in my mind, a …

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Afghanistan: an extraordinary election

Rohullah Yakobi  |  7 April 2014

On Saturday 5 April 2014, Afghans went to the polls to elect their next president. This is the first time in the war-torn country’s history when the political power will transfer from one elected president to another. The Taliban had vowed to disrupt the election process at all costs, intensifying their attacks (mostly through suicide …

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Afghan strategy, no strategy

Rohullah Yakobi  |  20 November 2012

Just a day after Remembrance Sunday this year, a British serviceman was shot and killed in southern Afghanistan by a member of the Afghan National Army. We are once again reminded of the war Britain has been engaged in for more than a decade. Recent insider attacks on the British and other allied forces by …

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A message and a warning

Rohullah Yakobi  |  9 November 2012

The Taliban have reacted to the re-election of Barack Obama: they’ve made a statement advising the president to accept defeat, leave Afghanistan and focus on America’s internal issues. For me, as someone who endured life and torture at the hands of the Taliban as a young child, what is deeply depressing is the fact that …

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