Articles by Rosie Corrigan
Rosie Corrigan is former mayor of Selby district council

Brexit and British Politics

Rosie Corrigan  |  3 October 2017

Geoffrey Evans and Anand Menon’s authoritative text digs into the rebalancing of political values that lay behind the referendum, writes Rosie Corrigan If you ask someone why they believe that the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, it is likely that you will hear an explanation regarding the referendum campaign. Perhaps they will tell …

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The stark difference

Rosie Corrigan  |  1 May 2017

It was Tory attempts to reverse New Labour achievements that politicised a generation, says Rosie Corrigan I was four years old when the political earthquake that was the May 1997 general election took place. I grew up in the Yorkshire market town of Selby. A proud, northern town where everyone knows everyone and people look out …

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Where are the young women?

Rosie Corrigan  |  15 March 2016

Women are the backbone of our communities. However, young women are all too often a rare sight at constituency Labour party meetings. We are an even rarer sight in a council chamber, and positively endangered as council leaders, mayors and the party leadership. Yet we have the ability to enrich our communities and party with …

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