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Sally Gimson is a journalist, a Labour councillor, and reviews PMQs on Progress. She tweets @SallyGimson

State of emergency

Sally Gimson  |  6 December 2015

The Paris attacks could be a gift to the French far-right Sally Gimson —Christophe and Catherine did not know where their son was on the evening of 13 November until they got a call from his cousin to turn on the television. As it dawned on them that the rock concert he had told them he was …

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A win of sorts for Corbyn

Sally Gimson  |  4 November 2015

The Tories at prime ministers’ questions were particularly nasty today. They hate Labour and despise Jeremy Corbyn – and so they booed throughout prime ministers’ questions, particularly when Corbyn asked yet again about cuts to tax credits. David Cameron – at his arrogant worst – was unable to conceal his basic contempt. At the end …

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‘No one can sit on their laurels’

Sally Gimson  |  30 October 2015

Alison McGovern takes on her latest challenge as chair of Progress —Alison McGovern is a tough cookie. At the age of only 29 she won the seat of Wirral South when everyone said she couldn’t. Five years later – having turned a 531 majority into a strong four-figure lead in a year when Labour was losing seats – she is …

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Corbyn is learning fast

Sally Gimson  |  28 October 2015

This is the way to do prime minister’s questions if you want to make sure the debate is held on your terms. It felt a bit like Jeremy Corbyn was battering David Cameron over the head with an iron bar as pounded him six times with the same questions about tax credit cuts. It was not …

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Right topic, with one from out of leftfield

Sally Gimson  |  21 October 2015

This was not a bad prime minister’s question time for Jeremy Corbyn. He chose the right subject – tax credits. And he combined the individual questions from the public with the more traditional battering-ram approach that opposition leaders use. Perhaps it would have been better if he had just stuck to tax credits, but his …

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Is May planning to ‘do a Merkel’?

Sally Gimson  |  7 October 2015

Theresa May’s speech to the Tory conference was a daring raid on the right of the Conservative party. It was not, as many commentators are saying, about making the party nasty – it was about making her leader. She set out her stall as the hard woman who would stand up for Britain. May would …

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A little less theatre

Sally Gimson  |  16 September 2015

Prime ministers questions was certainly different today. And the prime minister was reminded on at least one occasion that he was confronting a new kind of politics. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn succeeded where others have failed and changed the tone. It was less adversarial PMQs and more BBC question time. Corbyn set the pace …

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A strange and sombre PMQs

Sally Gimson  |  9 September 2015

The knockabout was knocked out of prime minister’s questions today. Perhaps it was because it was Harriet Harman’s last appearance on the front bench. David Cameron paid handsome tribute to her 28 years of service and her fight for women’s rights. He said that he hoped she would ‘continue to service this house and our …

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A real laugh

Sally Gimson  |  31 August 2015

As mayor of London Boris Johnson has been more Silvio Berlusconi than Julius Caesar, writes Sally Gimson The gods are against Boris Johnson. First, David Cameron led the Tories to an outright victory in the election in May. Then George Osborne made a grab for the centre-ground in the budget, and the crisis in the eurozone avoided …

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English votes for English laws stalked the land

Sally Gimson  |  8 July 2015

English votes for English laws stalked the land in the House of Commons for a second day. Harriet Harman asked about it and Labour member of parliament Stephen McCabe, Birmingham Selly Oak, feared that it would mean English votes for English foxes! Prime minister’s questions before the budget is always a strange occasion, as the House is …

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