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Step back from the Brexit abyss

Seb Dance MEP  |  26 October 2017

The economic wasteland of a no-deal Brexit awaits us should the government continue to refuse to engage with our European partners on good terms, writes Seb Dance MEP The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issued a report last week which said that the United Kingdom economy would receive a significant boost if the Brexit process was reversed. …

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Brexit will be painful, not quick

Seb Dance MEP  |  19 December 2016

Labour must not duck the big questions on immigration, but it cannot that pretend there are easy answers on Brexit either, argues Seb Dance MEP I have consistently questioned the decision of some of my Labour colleagues to make ending freedom of movement a red line in Brexit negotiations. I understand why members of parliament, …

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Le Pen is a threat to our way of life

Seb Dance MEP  |  21 November 2016

Growing up, most of us rely on the comforting belief that our parents always know best, that they will always act responsibly, and will be there to take care of any difficult situation. The moment you realise your parents are fallible and – just like you – are capable of making mistakes, is one of …

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Labour must stand by the single market

Seb Dance MEP  |  22 September 2016

The Fabian Society’s ‘Facing the Unknown’ is the first collective attempt by those on the centre-left to respond to the causes and consequences of the European Union referendum. The need for a coherent voice from the Labour party is essential, as Brexit has so far been conceived and nurtured almost entirely by those on the rightwing …

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We must move on from our past to face the future

Seb Dance MEP  |  31 May 2016

The claims and counter-claims in this referendum have been dominating the airwaves for weeks. The public is confused. On the doorstep people are not yet fed up with it, but they yearn for a clarity in the debate. Having taken part in all manner of discussions and debates I believe there are two broad fault-lines …

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Jobs and growth for all or more of the same?

Seb Dance MEP  |  23 June 2014

Jobs and growth for all or more of the same? David Cameron’s approach favours the latter. As a newcomer to the European parliament it can seem extremely daunting when you try and get your head around the place. Not only is the series of parliament buildings in Brussels physically complicated (not to mention Strasbourg, which I …

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No comfort in Cameron’s Euro-weakness

Seb Dance MEP  |  27 February 2014

David Cameron needs Angela Merkel. It is not something that his backbenchers would like to admit, but the simple fact is that in order to secure any progress on reform in the European Union he will need to win support from the German chancellor. The problem for Cameron remains that he and his party are …

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Messing about on the river

Seb Dance MEP  |  4 May 2012

Some of the most interesting political discussions can arise in the most bizarre of locations – while ducking to avoid the low-hanging and fast approaching bridges on the roof deck of a boat, for example. So it was on a summer’s evening on the River Spree in Berlin as a group of British and German …

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