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Seema Malhotra MP is parliamentary candidate for Feltham and Heston

Protecting advertising after Brexit

Seema Malhotra MP  |  26 September 2017

Government must ensure that Britain secures a Brexit deal that does not endanger its position as a world leader in advertising, argues Seema Malhotra MP Britain’s advertising industry is a world leader and supports over one million jobs in the United Kingdom – last year £21bn in advertising spend resulted in an estimated contribution of …

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Promises matter

Seema Malhotra MP  |  13 September 2017

To renew its promise to young people, Britain requires a new answer to its social mobility crisis, argues Seema Malhotra The Social Mobility Commission’s annual State of the Nation report at the end of last year confirmed what we all know – that Britain has a deep social mobility problem. According to the report, only one in …

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Two Tory Brexits

Seema Malhotra MP  |  21 June 2017

Theresa May has been undermined by her chancellor. There are now two Brexit strategies at the heart of government, writes Seema Malhotra MP This week at Mansion House, the chancellor Phillip Hammond gave an extraordinary speech that made it quite clear that he had given up the pretence that the government approach of a hard …

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Missed opportunity

Seema Malhotra MP  |  31 March 2017

Philip Hammond missed the chance to change course with his post-Brexit budget, argues Seema Malhotra MP It is fair to say the budget headlines did not go as Philip Hammond planned: ‘Spite van man’, ‘Tories break tax vow’, ‘Phil picks a pocket or two’, ‘Rob the builder – white van man gets battered by budget’. It is …

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May’s single market own goal

Seema Malhotra MP  |  23 January 2017

May should not turn her back on the option of membership of a reformed single market, writes Seema Malhotra MP Theresa May’s speech at Lancaster House last week fired the starting gun on the Brexit. In her speech, she accepted many of the recommendations of the first Brexit select committee report that came out at the …

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A Brexit-driven productivity crisis

Seema Malhotra MP  |  25 November 2016

Wednesday’s autumn statement was a stark admission of two things: the failure of the last six years of economic policy, and the sheer cost of Brexit. It failed on the tests of fairness and fell far short of what we need to properly build a strong future. Many of us raised concerns about the economic consequences …

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‘We together’, not ‘them and us’

Seema Malhotra MP  |  6 October 2016

Theresa May’s speech yesterday, more than any other prime minister’s speech I can remember, simply beggars belief. She was able to look straight into the camera and give a speech that would just about be understandable if there was not such a chasm between the rhetoric and the reality of last six Tory years in office. …

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Strong laws needed for safety at work

Seema Malhotra MP  |  28 April 2016

Keeping people safe in their workplace needs two things: strong laws and effective action to make those laws a reality. That is why trade unions play such a vital role in health and safety at work. Today, millions of working people around the world will be celebrating the vital role that trade unions have and …

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The March megashambles

Seema Malhotra MP  |  31 March 2016

We need prosperity that is fairly shared You might have thought George Osborne would have learned a lesson from his 2012 omnishambles budget. Not a bit of it. He surpassed himself with a megashambles. No budget has unravelled as quickly and as comprehensively as this one did. Within a couple of days its main revenue-raising …

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Another raid on retirement?

Seema Malhotra MP  |  5 March 2016

George Osborne’s apparent U-turn on plans which could have seen him raid pensions tax relief which supports retirement saving by millions of British people does, on the surface at least, seem rather surprising. For weeks, acres of newsprint have been devoted to suggestions that one of the ‘surprise’ announcements Osborne may make in the budget …

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