Articles by Spencer Livermore
Spencer Livermore is former Labour party general election coordinator

My Life, Our Times

Spencer Livermore  |  13 December 2017

Gordon Brown is likely to be remembered as Labour’s greatest chancellor. Will his reputation as prime minister improve with time too? Spencer Livermore thinks so Gordon Brown’s memoir has so far largely been viewed through the prism of his relationship with Tony Blair. Although Brown provides his own account of all that for the first …

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Where did it all go right?

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore  |  6 April 2017

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore exchange reflections on 20 years of running Labour’s election campaigns Dear Spencer, The Labour party still (just about) retains a lot of institutional memory about how we have fought elections since 1997. We had a good run until 2010 and it is worth recalling why this was so. 1997 was …

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The wrong side of history

Spencer Livermore  |  28 February 2017

In ordering peers to vote against retaining Britain’s membership of the single market, the leadership has placed Labour on the wrong side of history, writes Spencer Livermore The Labour party should always stand up for Britain’s national economic interest. That is why I was so shocked and dismayed – along with many other Labour peers – when our …

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Too little to say

Spencer Livermore  |  8 December 2016

If Labour becomes an anti-immigration party it will be the far-right that benefits, not us The autumn statement revealed the enormous damage leaving the European Union will do to the British economy. Growth and productivity will be lower, while borrowing and inflation will be higher, as a direct result of Brexit. Yet even now, the …

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Mistakes on repeat

Spencer Livermore  |  18 April 2016

Labour should be learning from its mistakes, not repeating them, warns Spencer Livermore The general election in 2015 was a winnable election for the Labour party. It was an election that we could and should have won, had different decisions been made over the course of the last parliament. That makes it all the more important …

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Learning from losing 

Spencer Livermore  |  14 March 2016

Let me begin by thanking Ben for his presentation. This research is vital to making sure we learn the right lessons from our 2015 defeat, and the Labour party should have had the courage to publish it. Let me also thank Progress for inviting me to speak today. As someone who worked for Gordon Brown for ten years, being invited to a …

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