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Stella Creasy MP is member of parliament for Walthamstow

What has changed?

Stella Creasy MP  |  20 April 2017

How do the policy challenges of 1997 compare with the ones we face today, asks Stella Creasy Tony Blair did not send a single email in office. The 1997 manifesto pledged to get rid of outside toilets in schools, such was the condition of our public services. Back then people went into shops to book …

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A voice and a vote to the grassroots

Kevin Peel and Stella Creasy MP  |  21 May 2015

Labour is at its best when it is part of a broad-based, active and inclusive social movement. Yet each of us who have joined has a story about what happened the first time we went to a meeting that would make anyone wonder why we bothered. Most involve drowning in standing order questions and jargon, …

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Decent Jobs Week guest-edit

John Park and Stella Creasy MP  |  16 December 2014

At twenty one you’re on top of the scrapheap At sixteen you were top of the class All they taught you at school Was how to be a good worker The system has failed you, don’t fail yourself In 1983 Billy Bragg predicted the future for young Britain with alarming accuracy. More than 31 years …

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Speech to Progress Rally 2014

Stella Creasy MP  |  22 September 2014

Why do we do this to ourselves? I’ve been coming to conference to eat wilting sandwiches and drink warm wine for 19 years now. But the reason I’m here and the reason I am part of Labour has never changed. I do this job, I’m part of this movement, because I believe somewhere in my community is a …

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Fighting to tackle the legal loansharks

Stella Creasy MP  |  9 August 2013

As many of Britain’s young people start university or further education, it’s hard not to worry for how many debts will make finishing a distant dream. Research shows nearly 50 per cent of students having to draw on their own earnings or turn to their family for support to finance college or university. Little surprise …

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Moving on

Stella Creasy MP  |  19 November 2010

The principles of community organising are not new to Labour, but these ways of working with each other and the people that we serve have, of late, fallen by the wayside in our party. Yet those CLPs that embrace these methods of engagement - such as Birmingham Edgbaston - have not only secured positive changes in their localities, but also sustainable electoral success.

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Paint and politics

Stella Creasy MP  |  17 May 2007

Is it possible to have fun at a Labour party event and change the world?

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Get connected

Stella Creasy MP  |  8 September 2006

An argument against triangulation misfires for Stella Creasy The End of Politics Alexander Lee and Timothy Stanley Politicos, 192pp, £18.99

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Required leading

Stella Creasy MP  |  28 May 2003

Stella Creasy assesses the impact of the NGLN’s report on council leaders, Valuing Political Leadership

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