Articles by Stephen Beer
Stephen Beer is an economist and works as a senior fund manager at the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church and author of the Fabian pamphlet, The Credibility Deficit – how to rebuild Labour’s economic reputation.

The Tories’ death rattle sounds

Stephen Beer  |  22 June 2017

A threadbare, unimaginative Queen’s speech leaves Theresa May’s government on the cusp of a very early demise, writes Stephen Beer The Queen’s speech was a vivid representation of the state into which the Conservative party has got both itself and the country. To have any chance of securing the approval of parliament, the government had …

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Brexit on the ballot

Stephen Beer  |  19 April 2017

Delivering a Brexit that is socially justice must be at the heart of Labour’s general election campaign, writes Stephen Beer Facing this election, once again Labour faces the challenge of explaining clearly what it will do to promote a better economy. This subject cannot be avoided. Credibility is key. Yet this time it is linked, …

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The Tory ‘decade without growth’

Stephen Beer  |  24 March 2017

A stronger opposition would be well-placed to pressure the government on its faltering economic record, writes Stephen Beer We are reaping a poor economic harvest from decisions made by Conservative-led governments since 2010. This year’s budget will be remembered, if it is much remembered at all, for a totally unnecessary political storm about national insurance …

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Can Labour reframe Brexit?

Stephen Beer  |  13 February 2017

Labour must call for a Brexit that can unite people, not fight the battle for Britain’s future on the Conservatives’ terms, argues Stephen Beer It is hard to escape the impression that Labour has got Brexit wrong. If we carry on as we are, we will struggle to keep up with the debate. We seem to believe that …

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In defence of free trade

Stephen Beer  |  7 February 2017

Those hardest hit by globalisation have been betrayed not by free trade, but by governments unwilling to protect them from exploitation, argues Stephen Beer  Not so long ago, free trade was seen as the route to greater prosperity and multilateral trade deals were pursued with this aim in mind. That view has changed somewhat, most noticeably …

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Our awful, necessary contingency

Stephen Beer  |  25 November 2016

The election of Donald Trump will have far-reaching implications for United Kingdom foreign and defence policy. The problem is, we do not yet know what those implications will be. However we can draw some interim conclusions. Trump has expressed admiration for President Vladimir Putin of Russia and made negative comments about Nato. He has given the …

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A long haul to Brexit and beyond

Stephen Beer  |  1 November 2016

The strong performance of the United Kingdom economy in the last quarter has little to do with the long term impact of Brexit. That depends on the kind of exit deal we get and the trade deals which replace European Union membership. The longer the government flails around on the issue, the more the uncertainty will …

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Trident is a question of morality or it is nothing

Stephen Beer  |  18 July 2016

Members of parliament are being asked to approve the replacement of the ballistic submarines that carry the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent. No doubt the Conservative government sees this as a golden opportunity to expose differences of opinion in the Labour party on the issue. Yet Trident shines a bright light on how serious we are …

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Polling station

Labour has been found wanting

Stephen Beer  |  27 June 2016

The fallout from the referendum continues. A Tory leadership crisis has been followed by resignations from shadow cabinet members expressing discontent with the Labour leader. There is a vacuum at the centre of our national politics, which Labour should be filling. It is not. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has issued an emergency statement designed …

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Tory Leavers have repudiated their own economic policy

Stephen Beer  |  16 June 2016

George Osborne and Alistair Darling have stated that if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union, there will need to be an emergency budget. Not surprisingly, their claim has been criticised by the Leave campaign, but the central point is surely correct whether or not we are adherents to the austerity cult. The …

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