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The wrong stance on Gaza

Tal Ofer  |  11 August 2014

On 17 June this year Ed Miliband was the keynote speaker at the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch. He delivered a rousing speech, drawing on his recent visit to Israel. But he also spoke about the security challenges that Israel face and he mentioned his visit to Sderot, which has suffered terribly from Hamas …

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Less than a week to go

Tal Ofer  |  16 May 2014

Being a candidate in the upcoming local elections in Redbridge in east London is a thrilling experience. Labour has never won the council before and there is a chance to do so on 22 May this year. We believe that winning in our ward will prepare the ground for our parliamentary candidate Wes Streeting to …

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Antisemitism still alive in Europe

Tal Ofer  |  1 March 2012

I was appalled like many others when I heard about the disgraceful comments made by Baroness Tonge during an event in Middlesex University last week, which was part of the ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ which was held in different campuses. In addition to that the police are investigating offensive comments made by the American activist Ken …

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PMQs on Progress

Tal Ofer  |  15 December 2010

Ed Miliband was equipped this week with a generous selection of different issues to attack the government on, from tuition fees to the NHS and policing cuts.

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Cybersecurity and defence

Tal Ofer  |  8 July 2010

The Labour opposition must burnish its defence credentials by recognising the importance of cybersecurity and ensuring the government secures our cyber defences

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Red Wedge: Europe and Labour

Tal Ofer  |  6 July 2010

Labour has to sit down and prepare its strategy on Europe for when the cracks in the coalition appear, and inviting the EPLP leader to cabinet is a good start to integrating UK and European politics

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The EU and Iran

Tal Ofer  |  18 June 2010

The EU should impose stricter trade sanctions on Iran, and ensure all member states comply with the rules to achieve a united front on the issue

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