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Permanent revolution of the office door

The Insider  |  1 December 2017

Are Momentum’s candidate contracts as short-lived as those in the Labour leader’s office? Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village When Jeremy Corbyn called the prevalence of insecure work in the British economy a ‘crisis’ during his budget response last month, caused some raised eyebrows among those paying attention to the roll call of employees in the Labour …

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The new establishment’s new grassroots

The Insider  |  7 November 2017

Some of the faces of the new ‘democratic’ movement look suspiciously like the old ones – our insider provides another dispatch from inside the Westminster village The creation of three new places for Labour members on the party’s National Executive Committee was seen as a victory for the grassroots, in this new age of party democracy. …

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Taking back control

The Insider  |  19 September 2017

Conference Arrangements Committee is another piece of party machinery in the hard-left’s hands The election to the Conference Arrangements Committee of Momentum’s candidates makes your insider’s well-worn line – that Corbynistas have not completely taken over – harder to hold water. Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani take up their places as constituency Labour party representatives after …

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Muzzled mayors

The Insider  |  31 August 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village The foolproof guide to spotting a Bennite power grab is when it is dressed up as ‘giving the members a bigger voice’. Such a move is behind the news that Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan are currently being denied speeches at this year’s party conference. The theory is that instead …

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New kids on the block

The Insider  |  21 July 2017

Another dispatch from the Westminster village The snap election resulted in some results that have caused your insider to seriously doubt their fact-checking skills. Stella Creasy holds 80 per cent of the vote, a percentage not reached in the 132 years that there has been a Walthamstow seat. Thangam Debbonaire’s vote in Bristol West more …

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The Lansman tapes

The Insider  |  30 March 2017

Delayed: the 2020 service from opposition Like everything else the Labour party turns its hand to these days, the preparation for the Manchester Gorton byelection has not gone smoothly. The local party, having been suspended in the summer, still has a number of restrictions on it. The decision over when to go to the polls was delayed, as was …

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Sinking without a trace

The Insider  |  3 March 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village Which is deserting Labour faster, voters or leadership authority? It is a surprisingly tough question. On the one hand, it barely registers as a shock that Labour can poll third with working-class voters, or lose Copeland after holding the seat for 82 continuous years. On the other hand, a shadow minister did …

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The Momentum monarch

The Insider  |  2 February 2017

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village Something is just not working. No matter how much he tries, Jeremy Corbyn just cannot find any peace and quiet. There was only one thing that could fix this: a brief foray into the world for a relaunch. We know it was a relaunch because it was briefed as such, thus putting …

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A little more cooperation

The Insider  |  2 December 2016

November’s events will be studied by politicos for a very long time to come. The experts laughed off his prospects but they are not laughing now. The fake-tanned long shot pulled off one of the most stunning upsets in recent times, after a campaign full of twists and turns and one or two hair-raising moments. But enough about Ed …

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Winter is coming

The Insider  |  26 October 2016

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village To those who think the leader of the opposition offers neither leadership nor opposition, Jeremy Corbyn’s return to hibernation after his re-election has done little to change minds. If unity is what the leadership wants, it would struggle to pick an easier issue to unite around than the Tories reclaiming …

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