Articles by Thomas Neumark
Thomas Neumark is a former Labour councillor for Camden Town with Primrose Hill in Camden, and blogs at Dream Housing

As remote a prospect as playing in the Premier League

Thomas Neumark  |  18 November 2015

Today is #housingday, an initiative to celebrate the positive impact social housing has on thousands of people across the United Kingdom. People who live and work in social housing will be sharing good news stories about the difference that having a decent, affordable and secure place to live has on their lives. It is the …

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Non-starters for 10

Thomas Neumark  |  8 October 2015

David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been hailed as ‘good politics but bad policy’. The risk is that Labour’s response will be good policy but bad politics. In his speech Cameron promised to make it easier for people to buy their home. He said that he would do this by replacing the …

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Failing to make home-ownership a reality

Thomas Neumark  |  27 May 2015

The government’s housing bill is a mess. It makes promises that it will not be able to deliver and shows a complete lack of understanding for how the English housing market works. In this sense, it is nothing new. Part of the problem is that housing policy in England is not made by the minister …

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The Tories are incapable of solving the housing crisis

Thomas Neumark  |  17 October 2014

We do not build enough houses in Britain. This leads to all kinds of problems like overcrowding, homelessness and young people living with their parents until, well until they are not really young people any more. The Conservatives have been completely ineffective at increasing the supply of new housing. In fact, the Conservatives are fundamentally …

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The foundations for a credible housing policy

Thomas Neumark  |  24 June 2014

If you go past a building site on your regular commute, you will have experienced the strange feeling of noticing that, after a seeming eternity of nothing much happening, a whole structure suddenly springs up, almost out of nowhere. It is as though all that time spent working on foundations makes building the actual houses …

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Two big decisions on housing for Labour

Thomas Neumark  |  14 January 2014

Labour has to make some key decisions in 2014 if housing policy is to be a significant asset to our election prospects in 2015. Labour will fight the next general election on the ‘cost of living’, arguing that most people have not gained from any meagre economic growth under the coalition government. It is clear …

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Passing the swing voter test

Thomas Neumark  |  13 December 2013

‘It’s words, just words … politics-speak. They say it to get your vote. They don’t mean it!’ was the opinion of one of the swing voters interviewed for the recent Progress-BritainThinks report Meet the swing voters. As I headed to the launch of the IPPR’s new Condition of Britain report I couldn’t help but wonder …

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‘How do we build more?’

Thomas Neumark  |  15 April 2013

Last week Tony Blair challenged the Labour party to consider ‘the case for fundamental reform of the postwar state’. He laid out seven questions which he hopes will guide discussion of this reform. The first question was: ‘What is driving the rise in housing benefit spending, and if it is the absence of housing, how …

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The Primrose Hill Set

Thomas Neumark  |  5 July 2011

It's hard to know what to do with anonymous and unsolicited advice. For me, The Progressive's In Defence of Tesco read like one of those spam emails advising me to lose weight or to visit some exotic plain; I wasn't sure why a stranger was offering me this advice and I am suspicious of their motives.

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