Articles by Toby Perkins MP
Toby Perkins MP is member of parliament for Chesterfield, shadow minister for small business, and a vice-chair of Progress

A vision for a 21st century economy

Toby Perkins MP  |  15 February 2015

On Monday Ed Miliband launched Labour’s new industrial strategy, A Better Plan for Britain’s Prosperity. This document makes clear that voters in May will have a clear choice between competing visions about how our economy can be successful in the 21st century. The Tories are committed to continue with their failing plan, where a few at …

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The second annual Small Business Saturday UK

Toby Perkins MP  |  6 December 2014

This is the second annual Small Business Saturday UK. A similar campaign has been running in the United States for four years and has become a national movement backed by celebrities and politicians from Barack Obama to Serena Williams.   Last year, our shadow secretary of state for business, Chuka Umunna, worked with business groups, …

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The natural party of the self-employed

Toby Perkins MP  |  25 November 2014

A party that was founded to challenge the established order should be the natural party of small businesses and the self-employed. Small businesses provide the intellectual and market challenge that creates value and innovation for consumers, and the majority of the job growth in our economy. Nine in 10 unemployed people who become employed do …

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Size isn’t everything

Toby Perkins MP  |  2 April 2013

Labour commits to new regional banks By Toby Perkins — In his first conference speech as leader, Ed Miliband expressed his determination to make Labour the party of small business. Last month we took another step towards this goal. As the challengers of tired orthodoxies and the drivers of social mobility, small businesses share our …

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MPs backing respect for shopworkers

Gloria De Piero MP and Toby Perkins MP  |  8 November 2012

According to Usdaw, every minute of every day a shopworker somewhere is assaulted, threatened or abused. Next week I’ll be visiting staff at the Selston Co-op branch in my Ashfield constituency as part of Usdaw’s Freedom from Fear campaign. It’s something I would urge all Labour MPs and councillors to do – when it comes …

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The end of the beginning?

Toby Perkins MP  |  19 July 2012

Labour is regaining the trust of British business. Under Ed Miliband’s leadership Labour have already made huge strides on the journey from the foothills of our dismal 2010 election failure to the lofty peak of returning to power. On Tuesday another significant step felt like it was taken as Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Chuka …

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Does Labour need to return to its decentralising tradition?

Toby Perkins MP  |  21 October 2011

This is a version of Toby Perkins MP’s speech delievered in Leeds on on Friday 21 October, 2011 at the Progress event –  ‘The Purple Book: Should we leave the big state behind?’ The Purple Book is a useful contribution to the debate that we need to have as a party. It is not (nor …

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Why Labour must learn to love the salesmen

Toby Perkins MP  |  22 September 2010

Scorn and alarm was too much the Labour reaction to the old 'core' vote and the jobs those voters now do, from sales to SMEs. The party won't succeed again until it properly understand them and problems like low wages and job insecurity.

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