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Do not go gentle into the night

Tom Railton  |  16 March 2017

Blithely accepting that Labour’s electoral coalition is sundered and that the next election is unwinnable is an unforgivable act of self-indulgence, argues Tom Railton A crunching, humiliating U-turn on national insurance contributions, a broken manifesto pledge, and a red-faced chancellor. An awful budget for the government to be sure, but one that may well be remembered for far …

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Face tomorrow with determination

Tom Railton  |  17 November 2016

The modern world is not a very fun place to be a moderniser. But after a decade of frustration, despair and defeat, those of us on the British centre left should at least have been more emotionally prepared than most for the bonfire of optimism that 2016 has brought to politics. Our buffer zone of …

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The last roll of the dice

Tom Railton  |  22 June 2016

As polling day approaches, political debate always seems to get more emotional, more tub-thumping, more heartfelt. For the cynic, it is the last desperate roll of the dice from politicians, a final flurry of crocodile tears to entice a public that badly wants to believe in something. The reality is almost the exact opposite. In …

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Inheritance tax: Custer or Caesar?

Tom Railton  |  12 April 2016

The terrain of British politics is full of hills on which principled politicians can choose to die. Driven to take a stand by their consciences or their activists, or unable to tell the difference between these twin architects of electoral disaster, political parties cling to their unpopular positions in defiance of the electorate. The electorate …

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