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Supporters of the  ‘Fightback fundraiser kitemark’:

‘Our fightback in marginal Corby and East Northamptonshire is well underway but we need more help and resources.  This is a brilliant initiative by Southern Front and Progress and it could make all the difference for Labour at the next election. Thank you to all the members and CLPs who support the fightback through a fundraiser.’
Andy Sawford, PPC  for Corby and East Northamptonshire

‘Winning seats like Hastings & Rye in the South is vital to seeing another Labour government and making these the one-term Tories that they should be.  Our local Labour Party work hard campaigning throughout the year, but with limited funds we find more and more energy is being spent on fundraising than where it really matters: on the doorstep.  Helping marginal areas like ours goes much further than just benefiting any individual seat, because once we return a Labour government we can start delivering the change that we all need to see.’
Sarah Owen, PPC for Hastings & Rye

‘I think this is a fantastic idea and it’s so important that we all recognise we are not going to see a Labour party prime minister in No 10 unless we can win seats like Harlow – and as the Labour party it is crucial we practice what we preach – and redistribute  resources to seats that struggle with people on the ground and financial recourses – initiatives  like the kitemark are the difference between winning and losing in key seats – they show that we are really the party of the many not the few and that we are willing to make sacrifices to support seats that really need such help – so that we win in 2015.’ 
Suzy Stride, PPC for Harlow

‘In 2010 we were outgunned by the cash pouring into Ipswich from the Ashcroft millions. This initiative can help us level the playing field and ensure we have a Labour MP in Ipswich and a Labour government in 2015.’
David Ellesmere, PPC for Ipswich

‘If Labour wins Lincoln, we have a parliamentary majority – we must win seats like mine. The fightback fundraiser scheme is an effective way of ensuring support gets to where it’s needed most: the seats we must win if we are to deliver a Labour government. Thanks in advance for your support.’
Lucy Rigby, PPC for Lincoln

‘The road to Downing Street runs straight through the M1 belt which contains our key target seats, like in Milton Keynes. If we want to put our ideas into practice then winning in the south is critical to Labour’s future success. This is an excellent initiative from Progress and Southern Front. We need to rebuild our party from the grassroots up and I hope that many CLPs, Labour groups and activists will get involved in this great new scheme who support the fightback and get funds into marginal seats.’
Andrew Pakes, PPC for Milton Keynes South

‘It’s imaginative ideas like the kite mark initiative that are going to make the difference between having a Labour government or not in 2015. Marginals like Norwich South face a constant dilemma: save for the short campaign or spend now on building up our community campaigns and local presence. Fundraising is therefore crucial. The kitemark will be a major boost.’
Clive Lewis, PPC for Norwich South

‘Life’s tough in southern target seats, but Labour must win again in the south to form the next government. Our task is harder in the south because we’re surrounded by well funded Tory MPs who send help and funding into the seats we’re fighting.

Committing to Fightback Fundraisers will fund more effective campaigns in the south, and give us all a better chance of a Labour fovernment at the next election.’
Anne Snelgrove, PPC for Swindon South

‘I do hope the Fightback Fundraiser initiative inspires campaigners and supporters across the country to put aside a little money to help those local parties where we need to win in order to form the next Labour government. Here in Thurrock we are raising as much money as we can to employ an organiser to work across south Essex and show there are no ‘no-go areas’ for Labour. The only way back to power is through Essex; by donating through the fightback fundraiser you can be part of it.’
Polly Billington, PPC for Thurrock

My early selection here in Worcester really motivated members and supporters and we had a fantastic local election campaign and the best results for many years. But to sustain the momentum we need more resources, so that we can take the Tories on right across the constituency.’
Cllr Joy Squires, PPC for Worcester

‘Every radical, reforming Labour government has been the product of broad-based coalitions, with roots in every party of the country and all classes. To win in 2015, we must win in the south. As the Labour party’s regional champion for the south-east I’m determined that we do everything we can to support our campaigning in these crucial seats. Progress’ fightback fundraiser is one way all of us can do our bit to help Labour’s fightback in the south.’
Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP, shadow secretary of state for energy and climate change and the Labour party regional champion for the south-east

‘There can be no no-go areas for Labour across the UK. To be strong in parliament we have to be active in all seats. That is why this is such a great idea, giving a little extra to help those campaigns that could make the difference between Britain having a progressive Labour government or another term of the Tories. The government’s failed economic policy and a vacuum of social policy should encourage everyone to support this so Labour can again deliver for communities up and down the country.’
Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, shadow secretary of state for defence

‘It’s lonely down south outside London if you’re a Labour MP. We lost more than three-quarters of our seats in the south-east, south-west and east of England in 2010. Seats we must win back if we’re to make sure this is a one term government. So please support this wonderful initiative by Progress to provide much needed resources where Labour most needs them.’
Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter and former secretary of state for culture, media and sport

‘I think this is a brilliant initiative. My CLP, Guildford, has donated money to key seats for several years, and we know it has made a big difference in those seats to have financial help as well as people on the doorstep. I hope more CLPs will do the same thing to help us win the seats we need in the south to have a Labour government again.
Martin Phillips, National Policy Forum representative, south-east region

‘Every single Labour party member wants to see the return of a Labour government at the next election.  But to win in 2015 we need to be organising ourselves in 2012.  This initiative will allow constituency Labour parties wherever they are in the country to help channel vital funds into our target seats in the south.’
Stuart King, former PPC, Putney, and editor, Southern Front

‘The local election results showed that Labour is the only truly national party – we won seats in the north, east, west and crucially, the south.  This is in no small part down to the excellent work our PPCs are doing to win back parliamentary seats at the next election.  We’ve already got a fantastic slate of candidates in the south out on the doorstep week-in week-out galvanising support and building the next Labour majority – we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the support and resources to reward those efforts and bring home a Labour majority in 2015.’
Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP, shadow secretary of state for justice

The Fightback Fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity to direct financial and morale support to where it’s needed most. Over the last two years we’ve made strong gains on Crawley borough council, fundraised tirelessly, and stretched every penny as far as we could. In marginals across the south-east – like Crawley – the kitemark lets local activists know that we aren’t alone.
Cllr Chris Oxlade, 2010 PPC for Crawley

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

It takes time, commitment and money to build a fight against the forces of conservatism. If you value the work Progress does, please support us by becoming a member, subscriber or donating.

Our work depends on you.

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