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Let it go: Power to the people in public services

Let it go: Power to the people in public services

Liz Kendall and Steve Reed interview five public sector innovators working on the frontline of today’s public services to find out how change can be brought about to improve the quality of services by putting power in the hands of people and doing so in an era of spending constraints.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.06.38II. Editorial: Think differently about the state
III. Introduction: People, not institutions

Liz Kendall and Steve Reed interview …

IV. Josh MacAlister: ‘Change or get out of the way’
VI. Jayne Moules: ‘You need to know when to let go’
VIII. Jim McMahon: ‘I would have been angry too’
X. Hilary Cottam: ‘So basic, but it never happens’
XII. Gill Ruecroft and Sarahlee Richards: ‘It’s a partnership between clinician and service user’
XIV. Conclusion: Let it go: Politicians can no longer pretend we can fix everything from the centre


Jacqui Smith: Nothing progressive wanting to defend the status quo
Michael Pavey: ‘Listen’ is always good advice
Kate Morris and Brid Featherstone: A better way is possible: developing a dialogue about reform in social work
Sonia Sodha: Great leaders foster great public services

Launch event

Let it go: Can Labour give power to the people in public services?
6pm, Monday 16 March 2014
Thatcher room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Liz Kendall MP Shadow minister for care and older people
Steve Reed MP Shadow minister for home affairs
Lisa Nandy MP Shadow cabinet office minister
Josh Macalister Chief executive, Frontline
Hilary Cottam Founder, Participle
Chair: Jon Cruddas Labour party policy coordinator

Liz Kendall and Steve Reed’s pamphlet, ‘Let it Go: Power to the people in public services’, looked to pursue the core principles of Jon Cruddas’ policy review as we aim to return power to the those who will best be able to make our public services more innovative and efficient. This event discussed the best route to devolve more power in public services and looked at how a Labour government could install this change.

Event responses

LGA Labour GroupNoah Sin: The politics of empowerment and ‘let it go’
Callum Anderson: A community approach to public service reform
Reema Patel: Letting it go: power in public service

This pamphlet was kindly supported by the LGA Labour Group


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Stuart Macnaughtan

is editorial and social media officer at Progress.

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