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Progress regularly published articles, speeched and essays on party reform. Below is selection:

The Purple Book

‘Redistributing power through democratic renewal’, Stephen Twigg, The Purple Book, London: Biteback publishing

Pamplets on party reform

Real Reform Now: Why Progressives Should Embrace Democratic Renewal and How We Get There
By Lewis Baston, Brian Brivati, Matthew Cain, Dermot Finch, Guy Lodge, Fiona Mactaggart, Steve Reed, Will Straw and Stephen Twigg

From Progress magazine

A new Labour party, Editorial | 5 September 2013
Remaking Labour, Commentary, Anthony Painter | 4 September 2013
Selective memory, Richard Angell, 4 March 2013
City selectors, Richard Angell, 4 April 2012
Making the most of primaries, Richard Angell, 16 June 2011
Our island story, Richard Angell, 30 April 2011
The tortoise and the hare, Jack Storry, 8 April 2011
Closed shop, Richard Angell | 15 March 2011

From Progressonline

Giving primaries a go, Simon Darvill | 7 November 2013
Miliband’s audacious gamble, Robert Philpot | 9 July 2013
Let’s make Ed’s reforms work, Luke Akehurst | 9 July 2013
Mend it, don’t end it – part II, Robert Philpot |  8 July 2013
Primaries will encourage working-class MPs, John Mann MP | 5 July 2013
Opening selections back up to working people, Richard Angell | 18 April 2013
What is happening with the Euro selections, Jon Worth, | 10 April 2013
Primary colours, Tessa Jowell MP | 7 December 2012
Making no ‘no-go areas’ a reality, Luke Akehurst | 23 May 2012
A modernised link, Jenny Simms | 17 May 2012
Keep centre, Liam Byrne MP | 30 January 2012
Outside edge, Richard Angell and Adam Harrison talk to Peter Hain MP | 25 January 2012
Rural Labour reborn, Steve Race | 8 December 2011
Back to basics, Caroline Badley | 2 December 2011
What Labour Friends of the Forces says about Labour, Jim Murphy MP | 22 November 2011
A time of challenge and opportunity, Jim Murphy MP | 7 November 2011
Winning back the south-east, Rory Weal | 2 November 2011
No-women shortlists, Sarah Hayward, 3 August 2011
No closed shop, Luke Akehurst | 23 March 2011

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