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There is growing support in the Labour party for primaries, as shown by initiatives in Bassetlaw, Edinburgh East, Dudley North and Saffron Walden for the Labour leadership.

Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham and John Mann, Bassetlaw’s MP, have written about their support for primaries – read them now to find out what is going on in Labour parties across the country, and sign our petition now to support the campaign for Labour primaries in parliamentary and mayoral selections.

This campaign continues to call for the Labour party to introduce primaries involving pre-registered supporters for parliamentary and mayoral selections ideally to be held on the same day as other political parties, and to encourage local parties to do so where possible for the Labour leadership contest.

Those who care about Labour’s future have to think of new ways of engaging a wider group of the public in its activities. This would not mean the end of the party itself – members could continue to have the right of choosing the shortlist and pulling together the policies which Labour stands for, but at a time when creating communities of support for progressive politics is becoming more important, primaries could be one way of getting closer to that.

1. Jessica Asato (Acting Director, Progress)
2. Anthony Painter
3. Cllr Mark Harrison (London borough of Lambeth)
4. Mark Day (Progress)
5. Conor Ryan (Conor’s Commentary)
6. Kevin Bonavia (Labour PPC for Rochford & Southend East)
7. Wes Streeting (President, National Union of Students)
8. Peter Droussiotis (Hornsey & Wood Green CLP and Chair, Labour Cypriot Society)
9. Adam Fox
10. Cllr Florence Nosegbe (London borough of Lambeth)
11. Peter Bowers
12. Joanne Milligan (Labour Party)
13. Adam Gray
14. Seán Newman
15. Anne Sassoon (Vauxhall CLP)
16. Cllr. Theo Blackwell (Camden Labour)
17. John Cowan (Labour PPC for South East Cambridgeshire)
18. Roger Bonehill (Cardiff North CLP)
19. Stuart Bruce (Elmet and Rothwell CLP)
20. Paul Burgin (Press Officer, North East Herts CLP)
21. Professor Andrew Chadwick (Royal Holloway, University of London)
22. Cllr David Boothroyd (Westminster City Council)
23. Nora Mulready (Tottenham CLP)
24. Kathy Levine (Chipping Barnet CLP)
25. David Henig (Walthamstow CLP)
26. Jack Scott (PPC for Sheffield Hallam)
27. Alex Smith (Editor, LabourList)
28. Darren Barrenger (PPC Harwich & North Essex)
29. Cllr Peter Slack (Labour Councillor Derbyshire Dales District Council)
30. Alan Edwards
31. Ron Marchant CB
32. David Rowntree (Labour PPC, Cities of London & Westminster)
33. Gabe Trodd
34. Hugh Burton (Labour Party, The European Movement)
35. Daryn McCombe (London Young Labour Exec and LGBT Labour Exec)
36. Luke Bozier (Red Narrative)
37. Philippa Latimer (PPC St Ives)
38. Louisa Loveluck (Student – University of Cambridge)
39. Terry Philpot (East Surrey CLP)
40. Mark Rusling (Council candidate, Waltham Forest)
41. David Chaplin (Vice Chair, Young Fabians)
42. James Thurston (Fabian Society Member/ Former Labour Party County and District Council Candidate)
43. Tim Finch (Director of Strategic Communications Ippr)
44. Sam Burt (Treasurer-Elect, Oxford Labour Club)
45. Suresh Pushpananthan (Vice-Chair, Fabian Society)
46. Adam Gielgud (Wycombe CLP)
47. Chris Bain (North Warwickshire CLP)
48. Rachel Cunningham
49. Don Paskini (Labour Blogger)
50. Jeremy Killingray
51. Ben Lyons (Co-Chair, Oxford University Labour Club)
52. Philip Collins (Demos)
53. Richard Angell (LGBT Labour)
54. Aktar Beg (PPC Romsey and Southampton North CLP)
55. Terry Daniels
56. Sean Morton
57. Cllr Mike Harris (London borough of Lewisham)
58. Cllr Adam Harrison (London borough of Camden)

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