Progress strategy board elections

The Progress strategy board meets three times each year to approve Progress’ political strategy.

The strategy board is made up of 12 elected members in three sections. In the first, members of Progress elect four representatives; in the second, parliamentarians who are members of Progress elect four representatives; and in the third, councillors who are members of Progress elect four representatives. In addition there are up to three coopted members plus the honorary president, chair and vice-chairs.

Those elected to the Progress strategy board serve a two-year term. At least two women are elected in each section.

The Progress strategy board has agreed the following time table for the 2014 election:

4 August – Nominations open

5pm, 26  August – Nominations close

27 August – Names of candidates announced

28 August – Voting opens

12pm, 18 September – Ballot closes

19 September – Results announced

The process is being conducted by independent scrutineers Electoral Reform Services on behalf of Progress. Electoral Reform Services are accredited to run elections of this kind. A dedicated website for the election will be established.

Information about the incumbent Progress strategy board is available here.

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