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Progress strategy board

The Progress strategy board

The results for the Progress strategy board elections 2016 are now in and the results are as follows:

– Parliamentarians’ section –

Gloria De Piero MP | Peter Mandelson | Alison McGovern MP | Phil Wilson MP

These were elected unopposed.

– Councillors’ section –

Theo Blackwell | Paul Brant | Joanne Harding | Rachael Saunders

The full results in the councillors’ section are available to download here. Turnout: 53.1%

– Members’ section –

Christabel Cooper | Sheila Gilmore | Allen Simpson | Mary Wimbury

The full results in the members’ section are available to download here. Turnout: 34.8%

– 23 and under section –

Marian Craig | Samantha Jury-Dada

The full results in the youth section are available to download here. Turnout: 62%

– Co-opted members –

On 17 January 2017 the elected member of the Progress strategy board met and invited Susan Hitch, Tom Jennings and Roger Liddle to join the board as co-opted members.

A view from the chair

Alison McGovern MP, chair of Progress, said:

‘Congratulations to all of those who were elected to the Progress strategy board, this is our most diverse board yet. A clear majority are women, and there is people from all parts of the UK, different ethnic backgrounds, prominent LGBT campaigners and the newly established youth places. This is Progress politics at its best – living the equality we believe in and focused on the future.

‘I also want to thank everyone who stood – you help make our organisation strong and membership vibrant. I hope you stay involved in the work we do going forward.

‘With both higher turnout and an increased membership it is great to have so many taking part. For those who feel left out, there has never been a better and more important time to join Progress. Do it now:’


The strategy board meets three times each year to approve Progress’ political strategy. It is made up of 12 elected members in four sections. In the first, members of Progress elect four representatives; in the second, parliamentarians (defined as members of the House of Commons, House of Lords, European parliament, Scottish assembly or Welsh assembly) who are members of Progress elect four representatives; in the third, councillors who are members of Progress elect four representatives; and in the newly-created fourth section, young members (defined as Progress members 23 and under) elect two representatives. In addition, there are up to three coopted members plus the honorary president, chair and vice-chairs.

Members of the strategy board will be elected for a two-year term and in each section, at least half of the elected positions must be filled by women.

The process is being conducted by independent scrutineers on behalf of Progress. Electoral Reform Services is accredited to run elections of this kind.

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

It takes time, commitment and money to build a fight against the forces of conservatism. If you value the work Progress does, please support us by becoming a member, subscriber or donating.

Our work depends on you.

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