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Help defeat the ‘McDonnell amendment’

The ‘McDonnell amendment’ – the hard-left attempt to reduced the threshold for standing from 15 per cent (under the current rules) to just five per cent – will be debated at Labour party conference.  It must be stopped.

Critically, you can help:

1) Stand, or get a fellow moderate, to stand as Labour party conference delegate. Email office[at] to find out more.

2) Have a debate about the issue in your constituency Labour party about the McDonnell amendment. Invite Richard Angell or any of the Progress strategy board. Otherwise try Luke Akehurst or Matt Pound from Labour First. If not, we can help you find someone else – to make the case against this disastrous change.

3) Help Gloria De Piero and Michael Cashman get nominations to the Conference Arrangements Committee. It will not affect this year’s conference or the McDonnell amendment but they need your help and the so-called Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Momentum will be back with more destructive amendments, especially if they do not get their way this year!

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

It takes time, commitment and money to build a fight against the forces of conservatism. If you value the work Progress does, please support us by becoming a member, subscriber or donating.

Our work depends on you.

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Jerome Neil

is a member of Progress

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