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Graeme Cooke

Graeme is research director of IPPR and was previously head of the Open Left project at Demos. He has published reports on childcare, welfare reform, in-work poverty, housing and political sociology. He was also an adviser on welfare to the last Labour government. He writes in a personal capacity.

Patrick Diamond

Patrick is senior research fellow at Policy Network and visiting fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford. He is councillor in the London borough of Southwark and a former special adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Robert Philpot

Robert is director of Progress. He is a former special adviser to Peter Hain and Tessa Jowell.

Steve Van Riel

Steve previously worked at Labour party headquarters and was the party’s director of policy and research at the last general election. He is now head of research at Centreground Political  communications, a consultancy set up by a group of former advisers to Tony Blair, which offers strategic communications advice to a range of private and public sector clients.


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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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