One Nation Labour: How do we win back the south?

Progress  |  4 April 2013

Tuesday 4 June 2013 4.30-6pm Committee Room 10, Houses of Parliament

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The One Nation Debates: From collective bargaining to mutual action

Progress  |  4 April 2013

    Tuesday 16 April 2013 6pm Committee Room 10, Houses of Parliament

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    One Nation public services: How do we encourage a greater sense of ownership

    Progress  |  4 April 2013

      Monday 15 April 2013 4.30pm Committee Room 9, Houses of Parliament

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      Living on the edge

        A generation of twentysomethings are joining the ‘squeezed middle’. But many are unaware how precarious their situation is, argue Richard Darlington and Laura Bradley The current generation of twentysomethings are feeling a squeeze the like of which their parents have never known. They think they have enough set aside for a rainy day and they …

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        New ideas for Labour’s fresh economy

        James Frith  |  7 October 2011

          Governments don’t like risk but growth economies need risk takers.  So why is the default setting for debate on the needs of business stuck on red tape?     Small medium enterprises (SMEs) are not just the engine rooms of any new economy or one needing to grow.  They are the nimble footed, responsive and …

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          Sketch: All in this together?

          Tom Bage  |  6 October 2011

            Tom Bage looks at the prime minister speech yesterday in his latest sketch: David Cameron went to Manchester, to talk to the people. He went there to speak about the spirit of Britain. To discuss his leadership. And your credit card. And his leadership of your credit card. But most of all, he went there …

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            David Cameron’s eurosceptic containment strategy is failing

            Emma Reynolds MP  |  6 October 2011

              When a new group of Conservative eurosceptic MPs was launched last month amid much fanfare and media coverage, it was clear that the Tory high command were trying to manage the visceral, eurosceptic instincts of their party. But as Conservatives gather for their annual conference in Manchester, the divisive and toxic issue of Europe is …

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              Poor but sexy

              Jack Tunmore  |  16 September 2011

                Berlin, in the days before the state elections this coming Sunday, is not a happy city. Alexanderplatz is still thronged with tourists, and clubs east and west are still living up to their well-deserved reputation; but this is a city which is showing all the signs of having had enough of being ‘poor but sexy.’ …

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                Councillors accountable

                Jack Hopkins  |  16 September 2011

                  Ensuring councillors remain focused on the doorstep through a councillor contract has led to a stronger relationship between the Party, it’s councillors and the public we serve in Lambeth, and the results speak for themselves. As a councillor I know that post election your mind turns squarely to improving the lives of residents, ensuring that …

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                  Lone wolves: race hate will not win

                  John Mann MP  |  26 July 2011

                    On the island of Utoeya, the Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking (AUF), or youth league of the Norwegian Labour Party, held its annual summer camp. For decades, young minds have gathered to share intellectual dialogue and camaraderie, learning how they might better themselves and our planet. Amongst the alumni of the AUF camp are the Norweigan prime minister …

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