Beckett report

A welcome focus on winning

Nick Bent  |  26 January 2016

Sharply contrasted against the unedifying and introspective nature of certain elements of the current Labour party, the great strength of the Beckett report is that it is firmly focused on the public and on the future. Specifically, it is a useful blueprint to the massive challenge of how Labour wins the 2020 general election. So …

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Beyond Beckett

Deborah Mattinson  |  24 January 2016

In June last year, soon after the general election, acting leader of the Labour party, Harriet Harman, got in touch. She wanted to commission voter research to help to understand why Labour lost. I, along with colleagues, Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay, undertook that work and conducted focus groups in places with particularly disappointing results …

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The Last Word: All My Sons

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 January 2016

The publication of Margaret Beckett’s report into Labour’s most recent general election failure presents a useful lacuna in the party’s struggle to understand the latest rejection by the British people at the ballot box. Useful, but by no means exhaustive, the ‘Learning the Lessons from Defeat Taskforce Report’ confirms what those of us on the …

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Too timid and too late

David Talbot  |  20 January 2016

When the Labour party is using its devastating defeat of 1983 as a benchmarking exercise to analyse the 2015 election, something has gone seriously awry. But you would not necessarily know it if you read Margaret Beckett’s report in to why Labour lost a winnable election quite so convincingly last May. Indeed, there are three …

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Must Labour lose?

David Lipsey  |  20 January 2016

Labour’s electoral demise has been long predicted. ‘If necessary changes are not made, the Labour vote will probably decline … by about two per cent at each successive general election’ wrote Tony Crosland in 1960. In the same year, two leading academics, Richard Rose and Mark Abrams, published the much discussed book: ‘Must Labour lose?’ Within …

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