Start-up new relations

Alex Mitchell  |  20 November 2017

Britain should look to Macron, not Merkel, for the entrepreneurial future Europe needs, with or without Brexit, argues Alex Mitchell Emmanuel Macron had an epic rise to the Élysée palace, changing the political system in which he operates. In a marked contrast with the rise of Donald Trump, he aggressively courted the centre of French politics. …

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Hopes in ruins

Amina Lone  |  3 October 2017

Priti Patel’s cynical campaign might have changed the Brexit result but its promise cannot be forgotten The tangled web of Britain’s exit from the European Union is no closer to being unravelled. At its heart lies the omnipresent issue of immigration. However one cuts it, the issue of ‘who, what, where and how’ relating to the movement of people is the …

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Parliamentary damage limitation

Heidi Alexander MP  |  17 July 2017

The general election has changed the nature of the Brexit debate in Westminster For those of us in the Labour party who want to put the brakes on Brexit, the result of the general election last month means it is ‘game on’. Whether we can stop Brexit or simply shape it remains to be seen …

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Who is in control?

Roger Liddle  |  13 April 2017

Theresa May has limited her hard Brexit options, argues former Tony Blair adviser Roger Liddle The British political class may be obsessed with Brexit, but the continent’s political world is not. Among European social democrats, there is widespread sadness about Britain’s vote to leave: pained disbelief that for all the European Union’s manifest imperfections, anyone …

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No objections

Cherie Blair and Claire Kerschensteiner  |  13 March 2017

The human rights of British citizens post-Brexit are on a shaky footing, write Cherie Blair and Claire Kerschensteiner The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. Upon departure, the government will no longer have to comply with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the human rights treaty of the EU. Currently, violations of these rights, like other provisions …

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No green Brexit

Mary Creagh MP  |  8 February 2017

May is pursuing a strategy that will harm our environment as well as our economy, argues Mary Creagh MP Theresa May’s speech on Brexit was an opportunity for her to set out her plans to put Britain’s national interest first as we leave the European Union. Instead, in order to placate her backbenchers, she has put the …

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Strike a deal

Peter Mandelson  |  14 December 2016

There are still trade options open for Britain This year’s referendum was the most divisive, polarising event in Britain’s postwar history – which is why you would have thought the government would wish to respect the result delivered by one half of the country but secure the trade that the other half believes is so important. …

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Not ‘the MSM’

Matt Kelly  |  4 November 2016

Resisting the forces of Brexit Conceived in a rush, destined for an early death, but today still here – kicking and fighting against the iniquity of Brexit … The New European is not your normal newspaper. We call ourselves the ‘pop-up paper giving voice to the 48 per cent’ – and since we launched (just a fortnight after the vote – the …

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