Christabel Cooper


In defence of pollsters

Christabel Cooper  |  21 November 2016

Social liberals and anyone on the progressive side of politics were not the only people to have a terrible night on Tuesday 8 November. The polling industry again found itself under fire as Donald Trump defied their predictions and defeated Hillary Clinton to become president-elect. Following the complete misreading of the 2015 British general election …

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EU flag torn

There is no mandate for hard Brexit

Christabel Cooper  |  18 October 2016

I remember the morning of 23 June very well. I remember leaving home to run a committee room in west London in a state of unhappy dread. I remember the rain starting and worrying about the effect on turnout. I also remember that the ballot paper I received in the polling station had nothing to …

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ACC Liverpool

Unity should be earned, not demanded

Christabel Cooper  |  3 October 2016

Who doesn’t want a unified Labour party? It is obvious that civil war costs us dearly. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s decisive victory in the leadership election, calls for unity came thick and fast at Labour’s conference in Liverpool. But, given the depths of the divisions within the party, this will not be an easy task. The …

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Early evening socialism

Christabel Cooper  |  13 September 2016

Like many working mothers, the news that I was the victim of discrimination by being excluded (because of my gender) from after-work drinks, came as something of a surprise. An analysis of after-work drinking (or ‘early evening socialising’ as it is apparently known) in my own workplace, plus a wider sample drawn from walking past …

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The real meaning of #traingate

Christabel Cooper  |  31 August 2016

Is a train completely full only when every seat is occupied by a live human being, or is a train full when all the seats are merely reserved (either officially, or unofficially through the strategic deployment of a handbag on an empty chair?) There are valid arguments on either side, but whilst being a worthy …

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House of Commons bench

MPs are not the enemy

Christabel Cooper  |  1 August 2016

In the days after the murder of Jo Cox, members of parliament became human again. Suddenly our parliamentarians were capable of compassion, of caring deeply about their local community. Suddenly they were frail and vulnerable like the rest of us. But this became forgotten as the tragic news of Jo Cox’s death faded from the …

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Corbyn, Smith, Eagle

A kinder, gentler leadership contest

Christabel Cooper  |  19 July 2016

Shouting at opponents never changes anyone’s mind. It may temporarily bully them into silence, but the effect of aggression is almost always to defensively harden existing attitudes. As the Labour party plunges further into a leadership contest characterised by brutal animosity, we need less shouting and much more understanding than we have had up till …

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EU flag fluttering

Nothing compares to EU

Christabel Cooper  |  5 July 2016

At some stage in the early hours of Friday 24 June when all hope had vanished, when any positive Remain declarations were being greeted with an ironic cheer, one of the local Britain Stronger In Europe campaigners said to me in despair: ‘I don’t understand. We had all the facts on our side’. It still …

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Love must win

Christabel Cooper  |  21 June 2016

Within the space of a week, two acts of appalling barbarity – one on either side of the Atlantic – have shocked and saddened us. On the night of 11 June, Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a gay bar in Orlando. Six days later, Labour member of parliament Jo Cox was murdered on the …

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The smallest minority

Christabel Cooper  |  16 June 2016

Attacking Topshop helps no one Politics remains a world dominated by white men and I am a BAME woman. Yet possibly the very smallest minority within the Labour party that I belong to is that of members who work in the private sector. This was a point I put to Jeremy Corbyn at Progress annual conference last month, …

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