Blue Labour

Speak for England

Maurice Glasman  |  7 November 2014

There are good reasons Labour has been reluctant to talk about England. More than any other party it has been unionist and has support throughout the kingdom. The generosity of the settlement, in which Scotland has greater representation and money, was not something that Labour wished to draw attention to. England is 10 times the …

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For sale – the White Cliffs

Patrick Macfarlane  |  14 August 2012

Earlier this week I moved to Dover to help an inspiring project based around transferring the ownership of its historic port to the town’s people and their successors – forever. The Department for Transport has recently closed a consultation on the port’s future, centred on plans to sell it to an overseas private equity-backed group. …

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Beware martyring Clegg

Patrick Macfarlane  |  12 July 2012

With the possible exception of Jacob Rees-Mogg, virtually everyone in Westminster wants the House of Lords reformed. They all agree that it’s getting too big, and that the hereditaries should leave. Beyond that, there is disagreement about whether the Lords is elected. This isn’t trivial – if you really believe, as I do, that election …

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Euro fever

Patrick Macfarlane  |  22 June 2012

As the last few minutes of England’s match against Ukraine wound to a close on Tuesday evening, a friend of mine looked beamingly up at the screen and said: ‘You see, we can’t win if we’re not in Europe.’ His sustained enthusiasm for the grand projet in these dark times is admirable. He even described …

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Blue peg, yellow hole

Patrick Macfarlane  |  3 April 2012

None of us know exactly what’s happening at the heart of the coalition. We like to take pot-shots at the Lib Dems for propping up George Osborne’s relentless drive towards the establishment of ‘free’ markets in every corner of civil society. And there is no doubt that, for many in the Orange Book crowd, the …

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Jobs for the boys and girls

Patrick Macfarlane  |  22 March 2012

For young people this budget has left one big question hanging in the air: how will we find work? This year, both Labour and the Conservatives turned to the levers of Whitehall for their answers to mass youth unemployment – Labour with its jobs guarantee, and the Conservatives with their Work Programme. Now George Osborne …

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Made in Britain

Patrick Macfarlane  |  7 March 2012

These days most of us work in offices, and we aren’t happy about it. Hunched over our computers, we spend almost the entire day sitting down – apart from the infamous bout of exercise in the gym that, in reality, only about three per cent of us do. Most of our work consists of emails, …

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Being Labour

Patrick Macfarlane  |  23 February 2012

Membership is what Labour is all about – and yet our party is shrinking. We may have experienced a spike in new registrations since the last election, but the long-term trend is clear: people no longer feel that Labour is where they belong. People haven’t stopped needing that sense of belonging. They simply don’t see …

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