Budget 2015

A budget departed from reality

Stephen Beer  |  19 March 2015

The last budget of the coalition did not substantially change the economic policy debate ahead of the election. It did provide yet another example of how that debate departs from reality. The budget avoided addressing the key challenges for the British economy. It was ultimately therefore a depressing statement which underlined the lack of faith …

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Wales cannot afford another five years of David Cameron 

Dan Walsh  |  19 March 2015

The pre-election budget, while hyped up by some sections of the media as a step change from the coalition government, was sadly what we have come to expect over the past five years in Wales. £1.5bn has been slashed from the Welsh block grant since 2010, meaning that for the first time since devolution was …

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A Westminster budget, not for the whole nation

Sally Gimson  |  18 March 2015

It was a budget of bread and circuses, or booze and roller coasters. It was also a budget where George Osborne made his pitch to be the next leader of the Conservative party if David Cameron is ousted after the next election. There was money off beer and petrol, lots of opportunities for people to …

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A budget of tactics, not strategy

Alex White  |  18 March 2015

George Osborne is like most managers of the English national football team. Early exits from major tournaments are swiftly followed by a feeling that instead of putting up with habitually poor performances, we might consider investing in a bright future from the bottom up. In his final budget, George Osborne confirmed that he has no …

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Wanted: a budget for freelancers and SMEs

Philip Ross  |  18 March 2015

Small firms and the self-employed will be watching with interest to see how much fibre is in today’s budget or whether it will be lots of froth and topping. In short, they will be watching to see if it will deliver some real measurable change and improvement or just more aspirational rhetoric. On the political …

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