Colombia’s new president

Maria Carolina Latorre  |  10 August 2010

Juan Manuel Santos is already distancing himself from the Uribe administration in which he served. The emergence of a real opposition should benefit the country, and the president should seek not only security but also greater social justice.

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Colombia’s intriguing presidential election

Maria Carolina Latorre  |  7 June 2010

Controversy is growing over opinion polls blamed for the green candidate's poor showing. But the answer may lie at the door of the candidate himself.

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The fiasco of parliamentary elections

Maria Carolina Latorre  |  28 April 2010

As Colombia still awaits results a month after polling day, our columnist looks at the rise of the greens and the shrinking anti-corruption bulwark in congress

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Uribe seeking a third term

Maria Carolina Latorre  |  5 April 2010

President Uribe looked set to seek a third term but support has dropped away. What happened, and how do Colombians regard the state of their democracy now?

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Colombia under Uribe

Maria Carolina Latorre  |  22 March 2010

The UK is not the only country facing nationwide elections. Our new columnist charts the run-up to the Colmbian presidential election this year and where this may take the sometimes turbulent south American country

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