Another shot of southern discomfort

Lewis Baston  |  21 August 2015

Labour’s horror-show relationship with the south continues Here we are again. The Southern Discomfort series, begun in the early 1990s, is now joining Halloween and Friday the 13th as a long-running horror franchise. Policy Network’s Southern Discomfort Again revisited the problem in 2010, and followed up with a 2015 update this summer. The depressing similarity between the overall …

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The Miliband-Milburn dream-team

Jacqui Smith  |  1 July 2015

Promoting both economic and social mobility together is what Labour is for I want you to imagine that Ed Miliband and Alan Milburn get together and ‘father’ a policy programme. Stop screaming – I think I am onto something. What we need from a new Labour leader is a commitment to both the economic mobility …

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Could Labour die?

Steve Reed MP  |  8 June 2015

Sharing power, and reforming the Labour party to do it, could breathe new life into our politics After Labour’s staggering defeat in 2010 few people thought we could go down even further, but in 2015 we did. We were wiped out in Scotland, have hardly any representation in the south of England outside London, and saw our majorities shrink …

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Common purpose

Tom Bentley  |  10 April 2015

Three things Labour can learn from Australian Labor’s experience of minority government On 21 August 2010 Australia elected 72 representatives each for the Australian Labor party and the Liberal-National coalition. After 17 agonising days of negotiation Julia Gillard formed a government with support from four non-Labor members of parliament: independent country conservatives Tony Windsor and Rob …

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A living London

Gareth Thomas MP and Jake Sumner  |  5 March 2015

Labour has a chance to transform the capital  London is at a critical juncture. The city will face an election on its future in less than 18 months, and it will be the first time since the mayoralty was created that an incumbent will not be standing. This chance for reflection offers a canvas to …

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Littered with irony

Robert Philpot  |  11 February 2015

Nigel Farage is presiding over the Europeanisation of British politics Political history is littered with ironies. Anthony Eden, who prided himself on his expertise in world affairs, was forced from office by his disastrous intervention in Suez. James Callaghan was renowned for his closeness to the trade unions. He was defeated in May 1979 largely …

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Labour’s double whammy

Hopi Sen  |  5 December 2014

A cold autumn. Having reached No 10 in the spring, the prime minister calls another election. It happened to Harold Wilson in 1974. Could it happen again? With the opinion polls closer than for two decades and the Liberal Democrats weaker than in their post-merger ‘Salad’ days it is easy to picture an election next …

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Closing Labour’s deficit

Jonathan Todd  |  6 November 2014

The Conservatives may not have won the last general election but Labour lost it. Labour was thought too keen on spending other people’s money, particularly in areas where the public are least keen to see their money spent, such as working-age welfare. As the Labour leadership candidates were reaching for the party’s erogenous zones, which …

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Confronting evil

John Woodcock MP  |  22 September 2014

It is a case not of whether but when we intervene Just over a year on from parliament choosing inactivity as a response to a horrific war crime in Syria, we find ourselves as a country and a parliament once again wracked with uncertainty. Faced with an unprecedented threat from the wave of Islamic State-led …

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Building inclusive capitalism

Jonathan Todd  |  9 July 2014

The challenge of our age, wrote Chuka Umunna in the June edition of Progress, is to generate growth that is sustainable over the long term, balanced across sectors and regions, and inclusive so that all can benefit. This is not capitalism red in tooth and claw. Indeed, it recalls the definition of socialism offered by …

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