Suburban dreams

Robert Philpot  |  24 November 2011

Philip Gould taught Labour to remember the suburban strugglers. It must now  relearn this lesson alone, writes Robert Philpot ‘To describe him as a pollster,’ suggested Douglas Alexander the day after Philip Gould’s death was announced last month, ‘is like describing Pele as a footballer.’ Although Gould would no doubt have demurred, the epithets which …

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Do we ‘dare more democracy’?

Robert Philpot  |  17 October 2011

There is an almost comic – or perhaps tragic – disparity between the fate of Refounding Labour and the ‘citizens’ primary’ held over the last two weekends which chose Francois Hollande as the Socialist party’s candidate to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy in next year’s French presidential election. Despite all of the rhetoric, Ed Miliband’s brave plans …

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Tough liberalism

Robert Philpot  |  25 August 2011

When the United States were hit by riots in the 1960s, the political consequences for the Democrats were felt for decades to come. Labour can avoid a similar fate if it learns from history Addressing the House of Commons’ emergency sitting in the aftermath of the riots, Ed Miliband struck a suitably prime ministerial pose: …

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Mapping the alternative

Robert Philpot  |  21 June 2011

Responsibility Agenda: Accepting the Osborne cuts is not the way forward, but grasping the public's view of them is if we're to re-establish Labour's reputation for fiscal responsibility

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Making the most of primaries

Richard Angell  |  16 June 2011

We should automatically trigger primaries where party membership falls below a certain threshold, says Richard Angell

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Purple prose

Robert Philpot  |  18 May 2011

Reflecting on Labour's intellectual landscape is part and parcel of what we should be doing in opposition. The opportunity should be seized, not feared, writes Robert Philpot

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Thinking anew

Robert Philpot  |  19 April 2011

An introduction to our blue Labour special edition

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Liberal distractions

Robert Philpot  |  31 March 2011

Three decades since the formation of the SDP, Labour finds itself in a similar corner and risks striking out at the wrong enemy, writes Robert Philpot

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Balls to the rescue?

Robert Philpot  |  25 February 2011

Labour's reputation for economic competence remains stuck in the doldrums, says Robert Philpot. Can Ed Balls turn this tanker around?

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Competence not complacency

Robert Philpot  |  14 January 2011

Labour had a good win in Oldham, but it needs to avoid drawing the wrong lessons, says Robert Philpot Labour’s victory in Oldham East and Saddleworth provided a much-welcome tonic for Ed Miliband as his leadership of the party passed the 100-day mark. But new MP Debbie Abrahams’ win carries the risk of lulling the …

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