Commons people

Breaking out of the feudal straitjacket

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  9 November 2011

Most Labour activists, councillors and MPs will be familiar with the housing crisis in Britain. First time buyers are now confronted with an average house price of more than £160,000 (£280,000 in London) to get their first step on the housing ladder, and the average deposit required has now hit £52,000. Many people simply cannot …

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That was the year that was

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  21 June 2011

Wow. That went fast. Despite feeling like we're still the new boys and girls and liable to be removed from the building at any notice, the 2010 intake have now clocked up over a year of parliamentary experience. Much has changed over the last year.

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It’s a whip’s life

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  20 January 2011

The first rule of the whips' office is: you do not talk about the whip's office. Well, not quite. But since becoming one of Labour's assistant whips in October's reshuffle life has been very busy.

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‘How long do you think it will last?’

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  22 July 2010

Colleagues, the press, my constituents - wherever I go it's the question I am asked most. Like speculation over a celebrity marriage, we're all wondering if the coalition will go the full five years or if it will all end in tears much before then.

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Vying for votes and offices

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  16 June 2010

If there is one question a new MP will invariably get asked after the obligatory ‘how are you settling in?', it tends to be ‘have you got an office yet?'. Offices in Westminster seem to be a slightly comical source of prestige

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Harman v Cameron, and other tales

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  1 June 2010

New MP Jonathan Reynolds shares more early impressions: catching the Speaker's eye for his maiden speech, government MPs shaking their heads at David Cameron, and Vince Cable close to tears

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New in the Commons

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  18 May 2010

New MP Jonathan Reynolds walks us through his early impressions of parliament, the litany of rules (where you can and can't sit in the tearoom) and a boisterous first Labour meeting

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