Decent Jobs Week guest-edit

Decent Jobs Week guest-edit

John Park and Stella Creasy MP  |  16 December 2014

At twenty one you’re on top of the scrapheap At sixteen you were top of the class All they taught you at school Was how to be a good worker The system has failed you, don’t fail yourself In 1983 Billy Bragg predicted the future for young Britain with alarming accuracy. More than 31 years …

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Why should women be paid less than men for the same job?

Sarah Champion MP  |  16 December 2014

Today, I am bringing a ten minute rule bill on equal pay to parliament. The bill asks for implementation of Section 78 of the 2010 Equalities Act, which would place a duty on companies with over 250 employees to publish their figures on the pay gap between the men and women working for them. It …

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Taking a stand against bogus self-employment

John Woodcock MP  |  16 December 2014

More people in the United Kingdom are classifying themselves as self-employed than at any time since records began, now accounting for over 15 per cent of the workforce. The rising number of self-employed workers has been a major driver of recent employment growth. In many ways this is a symptom of a changing economy, linked …

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Why making work pay is key to balancing our books

Dan Jarvis MP  |  16 December 2014

Today I am leading a debate in parliament – but it is a debate we should have had three weeks ago. On 28 November my Make Work Pay Bill was due to be debated in the House of Commons. It was a bill to give greater powers to the Low Pay Commission and strengthen the …

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Why employee engagement is the way ahead

Nita Clarke  |  16 December 2014

Staying competitive and profitable as the global race powers ahead with new entrants joining daily is the number one survival priority for British businesses and companies, just as providing better public services in the face of massive spending restraints is for public sector organisations. Of course, these are not new pressures, but no one should …

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Entrepreneurship: The rope ladder to the future economy

Doug Richard  |  16 December 2014

There has been, in the last decade or so, a great shift in the dialogue surrounding entrepreneurship and where it stands in relation to the rest of our society. Social progress and entrepreneurship are no longer deemed antithetical, but merry bedfellows, now used more often together than apart. We see evidence of this shift that …

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Creating good jobs is central to Labour’s mission

Mark Rusling  |  16 December 2014

Anybody who has seen the council graph of doom will know that, if the current funding cuts continue, in five years’ time councils will be doing nothing but emptying the bins and providing social care in five years’ time. Helping residents into work will not get a look-in. We will all lose out from this, …

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Work in a cold climate

Josephine Bacon  |  16 December 2014

‘My Hermes courier has just called to collect at 16:31. His usual daily 80 to 100 deliveries have increased to nearly 200 already. And this is in the countryside, not in a tightly packed urban area. He was just over halfway through his workload, and he had been out since 9am’. This is a report …

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