FMQs on Progress

Pre-election battle lines are being drawn

Callum Munro  |  22 January 2015

Nicola Sturgeon is getting better. On the day that draft legislation to implement proposals from the Smith commission has been published the first minister will have known there would be greater than usual attention on first minister’s questions. Her tendency in recent weeks to adopt some of her predecessor’s less attractive debating qualities has been …

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Parroting the Conservative line

Callum Munro  |  8 January 2015

With Scottish Labour’s new leadership team already beginning to set the agenda in Scottish politics, it would be easy to forget that today was only Kezia Dugdale’s second outing at first minister’s questions. The NHS is already a key dividing line in England and now it seems that Scottish Labour will also seek to make …

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A strong first outing

Callum Munro  |  18 December 2014

The Scottish Labour party was clear in its decision that Kezia Dugdale is exactly who we need as our new deputy leader. Today we saw why. In her first outing against Nicola Sturgeon at first minister’s questions, Kezia chose to lead on the highly topical issue of falling oil prices and the serious threat this …

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