Bacon and Greggs

Matt Forde  |  3 July 2015

The voters are not stupid, writes Matt Forde Of all the glosses that some have tried to put on the absolute thrashing that Labour received, the worst one I’ve heard was a party member saying, ‘Well, Ed actually increased our vote share so he deserves great credit for that’. Some other people present sagely nodded and …

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The clickbait election

Matt Forde  |  31 March 2015

Don’t be seduced by titillating titles, warns Matt Forde I’ve just had an email from Tim Farron. The subject line read: ‘Did you see what Nigel Farage said?’ Given the titillating nature of the title, what I read inside was very disappointing. Shock horror, Nigel Farage said something silly about immigration. I thought it was …

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Be yourself, Ed

Matt Forde  |  19 March 2015

This is no time for mankini politics, warns Matt Forde There’s a lot of rubbish written about Ed Miliband having an image problem. Of course he’s got one, but it’s not the fundamental problem. He won’t change his image and neither should he. I hope he doesn’t anyway, because, as an impressionist, he’s an absolute …

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The poorest of all time

Matt Forde  |  9 February 2015

Matt Forde looks forward to the most boring election on record It’s election year! Yes! We are in a select group of people who are genuinely going to enjoy the next few months, unless you care about the outcome. We are about to get bombarded by posters, broadcasts, emails, tweets and loads of new campaigning …

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Conspiracy or cock-up?

Matt Forde  |  15 December 2014

It’s hard to decide sometimes whether things happen by conspiracy or cock-up. First there was the debacle over our £1.7bn bill from the European commission and whether the rebate applies or not. Then we had the mayhem in parliament over the vote on the European arrest warrant that was not a vote on the European …

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Style matters

Matt Forde  |  12 November 2014

Matt Forde identifies one advantage of the rise of Ukip If you’d said to people two years ago that politics was exciting and enthralling they’d have completely disagreed. Most people probably still think it’s boring but the last year has definitely been far more exciting than we could have predicted. In an age when we’re …

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Having a balls of a time

Matt Forde  |  22 September 2014

Matt Forde on how to avoid getting shut out of the conference secure zone It’s a real pain trying to plan your day at conference. No doubt you’ve got a planner of some sort. If you’re going with work you’ll have meetings booked in. Maybe a few fringe events have caught your eye. As a member …

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A victory for Nick Clegg

Matt Forde  |  9 September 2014

At last, good news for the deputy prime minister, finds Matt Forde Opinion polling has changed. I’ve just woken up to the news that Nigel Farage was the least popular party leader when it came to who parents would let babysit their child. I can feel the nerds twitching, so here are the figures: Nigel Farage …

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Campaign staples

Matt Forde  |  6 June 2014

Knowing the date has taken some of the fun out of the general election, but not all of it, says Matt Forde There’s less than a year to go until the general election. From now on, the entire focus is on 7 May 2015. Which is the first problem. We already know when it’s going …

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Axelrod for our own back

Matt Forde  |  9 May 2014

Why are we making promotional videos about our advisers, asks Matt Forde I feel so bad for saying this, but I can’t believe we put out a video announcing that David Axelrod is now advising the Labour party. Or, more to the point, I can’t believe that David Axelrod put out a video announcing that …

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