In for Europe

A message from Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson MP  |  15 February 2016

Progressives must join the fight to keep Britain in Europe Back in 1975 I voted in the first European referendum. I voted for Britain to be part of Europe, and it is a decision I have never regretted. Then I was a 25-year-old postman, raising three children on a council estate. I knew the weight of the arguments …

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Letter From … Washington DC

Claire O'Connor  |  15 February 2016

I was asked to write about perceptions in Washington DC towards the United Kingdom’s referendum on membership of the European Union, and how worried the Americans are. The truth is that there is very little interest, and even less concern. ‘Brexit’ sounds more like an illicit sugary breakfast cereal than a potential event of global import. True, Barack …

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Letter From … Brussels

Clare Moody MEP  |  15 February 2016

David Cameron and his renegotiation demands have now risen to the top of the agenda in Brussels. Before Christmas, when he finally outlined his demands to fellow heads of states, they were met with mixed responses throughout the corridors of Europe. However, our European Union neighbours are now doing what they can to help Cameron …

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Europe for the doorstep

Kevin Peel  |  15 February 2016

Kevin Peel presents his tips for campaigning in the European referendum The referendum could be won or lost in conversations on the doorstep, down the pub and on Facebook. Most people have been fed a Eurosceptic cocktail of news for years. Stories about bendy bananas and banning Cornish pasties are often quoted as typical examples of ‘Brussels bureaucracy’, …

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Why Labour is ‘In’

Glenis Willmott MEP  |  15 February 2016

Glenis Willmott presents the Labour case for staying in the European Union The European Union referendum in 2016 will see voters make their biggest decision for a generation. And, while the Tories scrap it out, Labour is united. We are united in supporting Britain’s place in the EU, and it will be Labour voters that could prove decisive …

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How (not) to talk about Europe

Sunder Katwala  |  15 February 2016

Sunder Katwala considers the role Labour can play in the referendum The European Union referendum gives the Labour party a rare chance, these days, to talk about an issue where it mostly agrees – and on which it is the more united of the two major parties. Yet many Labour voices are anxious about the vote: worried …

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