International Women’s Day

Groundhog Day all over again?

Claire Reynolds  |  7 March 2014

What I always find striking about International Women’s Day is the breadth of public engagement in what is an intrinsically political cause. IWD is embraced by regular workplaces, community groups, sports teams and faith organisations alike. In the past few years I have variously celebrated IWD at a primary school culture rally, a town hall …

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A mayor of London that leads for women

Rachael Saunders  |  7 March 2014

With Tessa Jowell considering standing for mayor of London and others throwing their hats in the ring, the very male-dominated mayoral model might be about to be shaken up. This matters, not just because representation is important – Ros Jones in Doncaster and Norma Redfearn are the only women executive mayor Labour has had, elected …

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Name the problem

Estelle Hart  |  7 March 2014

My to-read pile has always contained large reports on it, with line after line of increasingly dismal statistics, often peppered with heartbreaking testimonies from women survivors and more often than not stories of violence where the women involved are not alive to tell them. The pan-European report about the extent of violence against women in …

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Save Syria’s children

Andrea Vukovic  |  7 March 2014

Next week, 15 March will mark three years since the start of the Syrian conflict. To the children of Syria, this day will mark three years of war, suffering and loss. To the international community, this day will act as a grim reminder of the collective failure to end the appalling suffering. This year Save …

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The struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan

Fiona O'Donnell MP  |  7 March 2014

Saturday 8 March 2014 marks International Women’s Day and women, and some men, will want to mark it in some way. In Westminster MPs took part in debates highlighting the different conditions that women live and work under in different parts of the globe: a debate in Westminster Hall focused on women in business while …

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The political polling gender gap

Zoe Tyndall  |  7 March 2014

There is a familiar narrative about the difference between men and women’s political preferences. The story goes that men and women want different things – that men like strong, tough leaders, whereas women are put off by the aggression of prime minister’s questions, and prefer their politicians friendly and personable. Men worry about the economy …

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Going Swedish

Mary Honeyball MEP  |  7 March 2014

International Women’s Day this Saturday comes on the heels of a big few months in the battle to end the ‘oldest profession’. France, Ireland and Northern Ireland have made moves towards changing their prostitution laws in the last year. All three are looking to shift towards the Swedish model, whereby it is the buyer (invariably …

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Still much to do on sexism at work

Rachel Maycock  |  7 March 2014

On International Women’s Day women and men around the world take a look at the equality of the sexes ‘to do’ list. It is an annual milestone to review what has been ticked off the list and what still needs to be done. Sexism at work is still on the list. From comments that can …

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Science, technology and ending the gender pay gap

Sally Prentice  |  7 March 2014

The gender pay gap in Britain is proving hard to eradicate. Over 40 years after the Equal Pay Act came into force Britain has one of the highest gender pay gaps in the European Union. In 2012 women earned on average less than 18.6 per cent less per hour than men with women working full-time …

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