IWD16 Special

Strong and compassionate 

Judith Blake  |  21 March 2016

Leading for Leeds —The Labour administration in Leeds has had more than its fair share of challenges as we enter the seventh year of Tory austerity. Between 2010 and March 2016 Leeds city council will have had to deliver savings of £330m. That is despite 175,000 people in this city being classed as living in …

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A scene 
too familiar

Sabrina Francis  |  15 March 2016

Meetings: a time where important decisions are made about the Labour party and campaigning – or wasted time where someone grumbles about the rulebook and new members are left dazed and confused? All too often Labour party meetings fit into the latter description, and we have to do something about it. Who has really been …

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Where are the young women?

Rosie Corrigan  |  15 March 2016

Women are the backbone of our communities. However, young women are all too often a rare sight at constituency Labour party meetings. We are an even rarer sight in a council chamber, and positively endangered as council leaders, mayors and the party leadership. Yet we have the ability to enrich our communities and party with …

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There are 
‘top jobs’

Ellie Gellard  |  15 March 2016

Sitting in the Queen Elizabeth Centre on a Saturday September morning I watched as the Labour party slammed on the brakes and hit reverse – and I had a back row seat. The outright rejection of so many highly capable women on the leadership ballot felt almost personal. As a Labour woman I had always assumed …

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Does Labour mean business?

Helen Walbey and Jo-ann Robertson and Paulette Long  |  15 March 2016

Three businesswomen from three very different industries give their take on how Labour can engage with them —————————— Bring down the barriers Labour should bring forward its review of self-employment One challenge identified by the Beckett report was the perception that Labour was ‘anti-business’. If Labour is to overcome this it needs to prove it …

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Isolated and alone

Pat Glass MP  |  14 March 2016

The risk to our future is real —Whenever I think about the European Union referendum I am perplexed and angry about how we come to be facing a decision that will impact on this and future generations. It will have profound implications for the future prosperity of our country, jobs and security because we have a weak …

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The new economy

Claire McCarthy and Frances O'Grady  |  10 March 2016

Frances O’Grady and Claire McCarthy on the place of trade unionism and co-operation in the 21st century economy Photo

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Due respect

Ellie Groves  |  10 March 2016

Labour should back ‘no fault divorce’, Ellie Groves —If you are looking to get divorced you have to have been married a year and prove that the relationship has broken down – which seems fair in itself. However, under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 the only grounds for divorce are: desertion (where one of the parties has deserted …

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Polling station

Labour’s deja vu

Deborah Mattinson  |  9 March 2016

Labour is losing out as older women switch back to the Tories, warns Deborah Mattinson Analysis of the current demographics of voting behaviour shows that Labour’s strength with women voters, strength that kept Labour in government in 2001 and 2005, is ebbing away as older voters abandon the party. Our ageing population, and older voters’ …

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Bradford calling

Naz Shah MP  |  9 March 2016

Why I invited Donald Trump to Bradford … and why I meant it —The interesting thing about someone who gains a platform and uses it in a negative way is that, rightly, their motives are always questioned. Too many observers, including me, doubt that Donald Trump believes most of the things he says. I am not sure he is scripted, impassioned in his …

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