James Bloodworth

Forgotten, but not gone

James Bloodworth  |  11 December 2013

Inaction is intervention by another name —The most depressing thing since August’s vote in the House of Commons on military action in Syria has been the speed at which the topic appears to have dropped off the political agenda entirely. Publicity for the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference last month triumphantly proclaimed that: ‘In …

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Why liberal Boris Johnson is so dangerous

James Bloodworth  |  4 December 2013

The first mistake critics of both David Cameron and Boris Johnson make is to assume that neither men believe in anything. The second mistake they make is to assume that even if this were true it would matter. It is of course impossible to know exactly what either of the two men believe (for as …

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Why the silence on universities kowtowing to bigotry?

James Bloodworth  |  27 November 2013

University is the last place you would expect to encounter officially sanctioned bigotry. Indeed, for many young people the chance to go to uni is an opportunity to get away from the stultifying prejudice that characterises many of the small towns students leave behind. We live in strange times, however, and things which at one …

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A reflection on Labour’s ‘spectacular mistake’

James Bloodworth  |  20 November 2013

It’s become almost de rigueur for members of the last Labour government to distance themselves from that government’s European immigration policies. The most recent attempt to do so has fallen to former home secretary Jack Straw, who claimed last week that in hindsight opening Britain’s borders to eastern European migrants was a ‘spectacular mistake’. Straw …

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A lot less narcissism

James Bloodworth  |  13 November 2013

The me me me generation can swing the next election. If it can be bothered According to IPPR, just 32 per cent of 18-to-24 year-olds voted in the May local elections, compared with 72 per cent of those aged over 65. It isn’t only local elections where young people don’t turn out to vote, either. …

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The unwinnable crusade

James Bloodworth  |  6 November 2013

Everyone knows the war on drugs has failed. So why doesn’t the public want change? Yet another call has been made for an end to the so-called ‘war on drugs’, this time from former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan. Like so many politicians who recognise the absurdity of the state’s unwinnable crusade against narcotics, …

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Why working-class kids still get working-class jobs

James Bloodworth  |  30 October 2013

Most of us will remain in the same social class as our parents and the same social class as their parents before them. It is a sobering thought. Despite the feel-good rhetoric of the self-help industry and the warm words of politicians, a child born into a poor family is almost certain to remain poor …

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I wouldn’t celebrate if I were George

James Bloodworth  |  23 October 2013

Osborne may gloat on Friday, but three years of stagnation will have to be paid for On Friday official figures will almost certainly show that the economy has been growing for the third successive quarter. As a consequence, expect more than a degree of triumphalism in the Tory press come the end of the week. …

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Where are today’s Voltaires?

James Bloodworth  |  16 October 2013

I detest all forms of racism, sexism and bigotry but have no desire for the state to police the opinions of racists, sexists and bigots. I hold, perhaps naively, to George Orwell’s maxim that liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. That makes me …

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The other reason we should worry for Malala

James Bloodworth  |  9 October 2013

Why did the Taliban shoot Malala Yousafzai? So far that’s the question everybody has been afraid to ask, mainly because we already know the answer. The Taliban tried to murder young Malala because Islamists tremble at the thought of a woman – any woman – demanding the right to an education. In the case of …

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